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Over Easy: Monday Science

How long before the world realizes there’s a problem?


The hummingbirds arrived in force over the weekend, I may have to put up another feeder just to stop the fights. They seem smaller this year, but perhaps that’s just normal variation. Has anybody seen any bees yet?

Fukushima has sprung another leak. Not much yet, about 40ml. They’ve sandbagged the area. 70 mS per hour right above the leak. Sandbagging will do nothing to prevent that water from going into the groundwater. And 2mS/ML (roughly) is pretty hot water!

Potentially damning report from IAEA on leakage into the ocean is delayed to give TEPCO and the JG soften the impact.

Despite the efforts of the JG to keep Japan nuclear powered, Japan’s citizens are going solar.

Since the government won’t fund sampling, private groups have taken up the slack. Note that the title of the story ” Is Radioactive Water Worth Worrying About?” seems to belie the main data.

We continue to work on fusion.  I’m starting to think that fusion is a colossal waste of money, but we need to waste more money to be sure. And fusion hold such promise for energy that it’s probably worth continuing.

The heart can taste?!? At least, taste receptors for bitter tastes exist there. Maybe heartburn isn’t such a bad description after all!

An attack that targets Linux servers. Wonder if our government is behind it.

Superconductivity can be used to increase radiation pressure. Makes the concept of a solar sail more promising.

Even if you don’t believe in evolution, this study shows that basic geology STILL disproves creationism.

We’re not the only people having problems with creationists. Britain has actually threatened funding for some schools for teaching it.

Louisiana so called “Science Education Act” allows creationist teachers to slip it into their lessons. Gov Jindal says “I’ve got no problem if a school board, a local school board, says we want to teach our kids about creationism”.

Boxturtle (Does Jindal realize that the entire world laughs at him?)


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