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Late Night FDL: One Voice

Brian May & Kerry Ellis – One Voice

Ahead of this Thursday’s UK elections, Brian May, penned the song and this Op-Ed…

Why our Common Decency campaign might just fix British politics

More of us are disgusted by the behaviour of MPs and the growing inequality our political system creates. We think we can change that from the outside

Many people have asked me why I decided not to stand as an MP in the coming election. I am hoping to achieve something that could not be done by running. I treasure my “colourblindness” with regards to political parties. I believe there are good, decent MPs in every party. But too many – a majority – of the current MPs are sitting there, arrogantly ignoring our wishes, following party lines, and blurring the edges of what is decent behaviour in an elected representative.

So what is our Common Decency campaign all about? Well, it’s not a political party. It’s a plan to give us a Britain free of the corruption and inequality which is driving us all mad – a Britain in which our voice will truly be heard.

Over the past five years, through lobbying in Portcullis House and in parliament itself, we have seen close-up how the government really works. We have seen debates during which only a handful of MPs turn up, followed by a bell signifying a vote, upon which hordes of MPs swarm out of the bar and restaurant, or wherever they’ve been hanging out, with no idea of what they’re voting on, but obeying the party whips. And this is democracy? {more}

Sounds familiar eh…? Run, Bernie, run…!

What’s on your mind tonite…?

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