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Over Easy: A Thought for Friday

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We’re still looking for a regular Friday Poster at Over Easy, but here’s a thought for the day:

If the individual vote were invested with any actual value, any potency, it would be yea or nay. That is, nobody might be elected until the emergence of a candidate whose ethics and intelligence exceed those of a tapeworm. This option, to withhold one’s vote (imagine a federal election in which all candidates wound up with a vote of no confidence), would give the electorate real control over government, and possibly lead the citizenry to become choosy before squandering their voting privileges.

However, the vote, having no such puissance, is one of the several ways the constitution recognizes that all legislative processes would grind to a dull halt if the government were required to exclude imbeciles.

– A Demon’s Nest of Sentiments.

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