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The Roundup for April 30th, 2015

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The end of April already? Wow, it seems just only a short time ago I began the spring semester.

Baltimore Protests, Day 3

– An investigation found Freddie Gray suffered from a push into a bolt in the police van he was in

– Pastor Jamal Bryant, living in Baltimore, tells The Real News why the community does not trust the authority in charge

– The police in Baltimore are denying any use of force was used in the death of Freddie Gray

– Activists in Chicago know how important it is to express solidarity with those in Baltimore along with focusing on police brutality in their own city

– Dave Zirin: “Baltimore Oriole Adam Jones and the Power of Seeing Pain

– Definitely a recommended piece by Ta-Nehisi Coates on using “nonviolence as compliance

– In totally serious news, a state lawmaker in Maryland called for food stamps to be removed for parents of those demonstrating and a study of the “thug nation”

– Jeb Bush: I admire the mother who beat her son for joining the riots in Baltimore; So wait. Property destruction is not something to do, but beating people to stop something is good? Am I missing something?

International Politics


Part seven of eight with John Kiriakou about the Iraq War, the feeling in the CIA at the time about it and Dick Cheney’s role in pushing for it

– We can never forget the use of Agent Orange during the Vietnam War as the Vietnamese certainly feel its consequences on a daily basis

Middle East

– A student studying journalism in Seattle is allegedly a recruiter for the Islamic State

– Saudi Arabia said it successfully repelled an attack by Yemeni rebels

– Interestingly, in regards to the Saudi-led invasion of Yemen, Iraq is playing a neutral role in the conflict

– Israel, understanding Hamas will still play a major role in Gaza, eased its blockade of Gaza

Asia and Oceania

– North Korean diplomats left a United Nations meeting on human rights after being shouted down by defectors


– The only permanent U.S. base in Africa, located in Djibouti, no longer houses drones because local air traffic controllers were angry with their use of “killing Muslims”


– An opposition group in Turkey found the crises of Syria and Iraq cost Turkey at least $16 billion

Surveillance Planet

– Turns out the Germans helped the U.S. spy on France; So much for being angry at the U.S. for spying on them

Financial Matters

– Gallup: Forty percent of non-retirees say they could retire now and live comfortably

– A local economy with co-operatives is great, but more needs to be done to include those beyond the local setting

– Gallup: Americans are now likely to say they will retire over the age of 65

– It’s not that the first quarter GDP report was a disaster, you might as well say that about the economy under President Barack Obama

– An official with the Federal Reserve said there were still systemic problems with major banks

– Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe: We need to copy the style of Silicon Valley

– Industry groups sued New York City to stop its ban on plastic foam containers

Labor’s a-Brewing

– Congress wants to raise the minimum wage to $12…by 2020; Laughable. Absolutely laughable

Politics US

– Pew: Just like we know, older Americans are likely to be conservative compared to the younger counterparts

Death and misery is what the U.S. can do best, a tragedy considering that’s not what we need today

– Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) seems like the best candidate to vote in the primaries and general election (if he goes that far)

– Matt Taibbi: “Give ‘Em Hell, Bernie

– House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) believes it doesn’t make a difference if Sanders is included in the debates

– Although one cannot disregard the problems associated with Sanders, especially with issues like hosting the military in Vermont and Israel-Palestine

– Republican lawmakers want to recognize Iraqi Kurds and Sunni militias as independent of Iraq in order to counter Iran’s influence

– Rep. Alan Grayson (D-FL): There’s a “fast track to hell” in Congress for the Trans-Pacific Partnership and it must be stopped

– What do Congressional lawmakers think about what’s happening in Baltimore? Who cares?! There’s money to spend for the military!

– Speaker of the House John Boehner thinks it would be wrong to end the Export-Import Bank

– Black capitalism, the dream of Richard Nixon, failed to provide opportunities for blacks across the U.S.

We Don’t Need No Education

– One of the students of Corinthian Colleges refusing to pay her debt applied to 300 jobs and got nothing in response; It just highlights how for-profit college have to be nationalized and converted into free non-profit colleges but the government is far too lazy to do so

Health, Hunger and Homelessness

– Turns out the American Psychological Association helped the U.S. in its torture techniques

The Second Sex

– It’s women in prison that are pushing back against repression in California’s prison

– Amy Goodman: “A Century of Women Working for Peace

– An officer in Daytona, Flo., ignored a domestic violence call and the woman who called was murdered by her husband

– Jessica Valenti: “If the Pope wants women’s equality, he must support reproductive rights

– Lawmakers in Oklahoma passed legislation requiring women to wait 72 hours before an abortion

– An investigation into the Canadian military found it holds a culture of harassment against women

Planet Earth

– Scientists from Australia say the current pause in global warming makes no difference for our future

– The lack of a hurricane over category 3 in the past decade is based on “pure dumb luck”

A new study found one in six of species around the globe will be extinct if nothing is done about climate change

– President Obama passed legislation to increase energy efficiency of buildings

Mixed Bag

– Glenn Greenwald: “Cowardly Firing of Australian State-Funded TV Journalist Highlights the West’s Real Religion

– Did you know Bernie Sanders has a brother living in the U.K. also fighting for the same policies?

Break Time

Runnin’ From My Baby’s Gun, Whilst Previously Watchin’ Butterflies From My Front Porch [Samuel James]

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