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Quite a stacked roundup!

International Politics


– Attorney Michael Ratner joins The Real News to talk about the success of the BDS campaign and the resistance against it

– History is written in the eyes of the victor, even if the victor lost the Vietnam War

An investigation by the United Nations found Israel to blame for bombing schools in Gaza last year; That was really obvious and reported at the time

– Secretary of State John Kerry would support Iran in bringing Yemen’s rebels to peace talks

Middle East

– Iran called for nuclear powers in the Middle East to disarm, especially Israel

– In just one week (key word: one), nearly 120 air strikes were carried out by U.S.-led forces

– It is not as if ultra-Orthodox Israeli Jews oppose the IDF. Rather, they oppose conscription

– A Yemeni official said stranded citizens overseas would be able to come back to their home

– Rebels groups in Syria believe the Syrian regime is losing its grip in the country

At least 20 people were killed as a result of car bombings in Iraq’s capital

Asia and Oceania

– For Sri Lanka, the major issue for the masses there is the question of land and the problem of displacement

– Most of the army in Nepal are engaged in search-and-rescue operations to find those lost as a result of the earthquake


– John Grahl and John Weeks, two economics professor in the UK, join The Real News to speak about the left’s role in the UK elections

Latin America, Caribbean and Canada

– Part two of two with Alfredo Saad-Filho, a Brazilian professor, who explains the problem of corruption in Brazil and why it’s in the mess it is in today

An interview with Jesse Franzblau, an analyst, on the role of the U.S. in Mexico, especially with the army

– There are victories achieved by Evo Morales in Bolivia, although we mustn’t forget his poor environmental record

– In Cuba’s recent elections, 7.7 million (remember the island holds eight million) voted for their delegates. No, it wasn’t corrupted as it was, as one dissident notes, a “clean election

– A Uruguayan official said the former Guantanamo Bay detainees should agree to terms proposed by Uruguay or else get nothing

Surveillance Planet

– The U.S. government is reducing the number of people with access to highly sensitive documents

Financial Matters

– Finland is turning to a new bout of neoliberalism as the economy continues to struggle to bounce back

– Gallup: It is less likely Americans who do not own a home will be able to buy one in the future

– Sabah Alnasseri, an Iraqi professor, speaks with The Real News about financial concerns in Iraq, especially with reforms pushed for by groups like the IMF

– Just when you think things are bad now, things could get even worse if the elites mess up

– Dean Baker: “The Battle Over the Trans-Pacific Partnership and ‘Fast Track’ Gets Hot

A new report found a decline in science funding is creating an “innovation deficit”

Labor’s a-Brewing

– Pew: Forty-eight percent of Americans favor labor unions, while 39 percent oppose them

Politics US

Washington USA

Imagine how many victims of drone strikes there are killed by CIA in light of the death of an American and Italian

– Two real estate developers, who are gay, apologized for hosting an event for Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and they say they weren’t aware of his positions on gay marriage; Suuuurreeee

– Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) thinks it’s okay to use drones against people engaged in combat

– What does the White House think about George W. Bush’s comments on President Barack Obama? They don’t care

A new poll found 58 percent of Americans support the deal with Iran

– It is harder to catch insider traders using Congress for their advantage than it was before

– The Department of Justice could protect businesses selling pot. It could, but it won’t

– The Obama administration could reveal contractors who spend to influence lawmakers. It could…You get the idea.

– Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA): Maybe we should have a more active role in the deaths of minorities by police

– Lee Fang: “Senior Congressional Democrat to D.C.’s Lobbying Community: ‘I’m Thankful to All of You’

– President Obama pledged to offer help to Baltimore over the rioting in the city

Anytown USA

– There’s a state of emergency in Baltimore, eerily reminiscent of the scene at Ferguson, as a few officers were injured in clashes

– Dave Zirin: “Camden Yards and the Baltimore Protests for Freddie Gray

– The truth is that elites in the U.S. are failing at their job of keeping the nation stable and they realize this, which is why they decided to allow violence to solve problem

– An executive of the Baltimore Orioles, the city’s baseball team, defended the outrage of demonstrators in the city

– Chris Hedges: “Rise of the New Black Radicals

We Don’t Need No Education

– Despite states being told to educate youths in prison, they often do a poor job of doing so

– Corinthian Colleges announced all of its campuses and all classes would be canceled

Health, Hunger and Homelessness

– Chipotle announced it would no longer use any genetically modified foods

– Despite the European Union deciding not to allow GM foods, there are still methods forcing the use of GMOs for European countries

– An interview with Ai-jen Poo, a labor advocate, who explains the future of the elderly in the U.S. and why it’s important to provide efficient and effective care for them

– Jessica Valenti: “Ladies, you might want to swap the bourbon for a bong

Planet Earth

– Thanks to drilling for natural gas in the U.S., the great plains have been damaged and vegetation as well

– Dahr Jamail: “Experts Warn of ‘Cataclysmic’ Changes as Planetary Temperatures Rise

– Let us hope there is resistance against calls for water privatization, a scheme that only restricts

– Should we do nothing then we face the Sixth Extinction in our lifetime. Arguably, it may be too late

– Argentina officially sued three British companies for drilling near Malvinas/Falkland Islands

A new report found hot days were due to global warming caused by humanity

Mixed Bag

– It doesn’t seem likely Brian Williams would be brought back to NBC considering his exaggerations

– Henry A. Giroux: “The Perils of Being a Public Intellectual

– Six authors declined to host a PEN event over an award given to Charlie Hebdo. Glenn Greenwald writes more here

– Prison rape is hilarious to over-rated comedians and cold-hearted individuals who do not truly understand life behind bars

A new report found it is the “most deadly and dangerous period for journalists in recent history” with terrorism and restrictive governments to blame

Break Time

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Brandon Jordan

Brandon Jordan

Brandon Jordan is a freelance journalist in Queens, NY and written for publications such as The Nation, In These Times, Truthout and more.