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Over Easy: Monday Science

Thanks to Fuku, The gene pool is going to be a bit weird for awhile


We are now in the freeze warning overnight with hot afternoons part of the year here. Grab the coat when you leave for work, drive home with the windows down sort of weather. Still no hummingbirds spotted yet.

Couple new bit’s of Fukushima News:

Very high radiation detected at Tokyo playground. You’d get your full yearly dose in about two hours, even under the new, relaxed guidelines.  An “object” was removed from the ground at the base of the slide. Authorities are denying ANY link to Fukushima, yet haven’t identified the object or it’s source.  It is possible that a radioactive chunk was blown that far, but it seems more likely to me that the object was trucked in with the soil when they built the playground. I don’t think it’s fuel rod, any chunk of fuel rod large enough to be seen and picked up would be MUCH hotter.

TEPCO has finished concreting the entire Fukushima port seafloor. I’m somewhat embarrassed, as I didn’t have any clue that they were doing this. I thought they only did one area, right after the accident. They are still not explaining WHY they are doing this, which should worry everyone. Are they covering up a bad leak? Is there hot debris on the seafloor?

TEPCO has not given up on the frozen wall. Mainly because the cost of blocking the water any other way would be ruinous. You have tons of corium with a natural temperature of thousands of degrees heating up water and you expect to be able to keep ice from melting? You’ll be lucky to be able to make ice.

Bendable glass. Not the curved glass that TV makers seem so eager to sell you, but bendable. You can fold it in half. The sarcastic part of me says “Wow! Now you can just wad up your burned cellphone and throw it away”.

3D TV crashed and burned. Yeah, you can get one but not even ESPN sees a point in 3D broadcasts. Only use is 3d Movies and people just don’t seem thrilled by those. Using Graphene, researchers have come up with a 3d setup that eliminates the glasses. If it eliminates the headaches as well, perhaps 3d is worth another look.

The mercury in our diet may well start with arctic lichens. The story points our that we have spent a lot of time identifying sources of Mercury (mostly coal fired power plants), but not so much time following how the mercury gets to us.

A graphene aerogel battery. It’s 10x more efficient than current batteries and mostly air. Assuming that it scales up, one of these things about the size of a two care garage could store enough power to cover for a multi megawatt solar plant during the night.

Got a battery and don’t know if it’s dead? Bounce it off the ground!

Boxturtle (A silly little song to start your week)

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