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Georgia pro se plaintiff files epic legal brief titled, “F*ck This Court and Everything it Stands For”

On Thursday, Gabrielle Bluestone writing for Gawker posted a full-text “duly executed” legal brief that a pro se plaintiff filed in federal court for the Northern District of Georgia that is titled, “Notice: Fuck This Court and Everything it Stands For.” Apparently dissatisfied with the outcome of her original case, Clark et al v. Porter et al., Ms. Tamah Jada Clark penned the lengthy and graphic notice which, rather than starting innocently enough, bluntly states early on page 3 (after calling the judge an “old, impotent geezer”): “Fuck you all. How about that?”

Ms. Clark was arrested for trying to break her husband, the child’s father, out of prison. She was not prosecuted but she filed a civil rights lawsuit based on her detention and questioning stemming from that arrest. The judge tossed the suit for lack of a signature from the husband, and she responded with the lengthy “Fuck This Court” rant. The Daily Dot lists some of the highlights:

The entire notice to the court is worth reading for the many threats and obscenities that pepper its uncharacteristically casual prose. Among the highlights:

  • “The United States of America have collectively and individually been politically and legally overthrown by foreign opportunists and domestic sellout b*tches like you.” (Page 3)
  • “I am well aware that the court has not spoken to me because it cannot defeat my legal arguments—so it runs and cowers like a panic-stricken hoe that has stolen money from her back-handing pimp. Just for the record: you are a hoe. This court is a hoe. And I will backhand you both, should you continue to waste my time.” (Page 6)
  • “Just know that this entire proceeding has served the purpose for which it was intended. And you played right into it, in the exact way that I intended for you to, like the dumb hoe that you are …” (Page 6)
  • “Any idiot can take a look into the history of American jurisprudence through studying congressional records, U.S. Supreme Court cases, etc.—as I have done—to realize that these United States of America have been overthrown.” (Page 8)
While it is tempting to laugh it off at first blush, a filed federal court document like this one claiming that the federal judge, among other things, “sucks nuts” may actually fall under the purview of a contempt of court charge.
Creative Commons photo courtesy of Esther S. on flickr.
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