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Over Easy: Fukushima Update


Since nobody stepped up to take over Friday’s Over Easy, I’m filling in. You’ve nobody to blame but yourselves. Any of you folks who have MyFDL diaries pending inside just waiting for that section to recover, here is your chance! Only got a couple of posts in mind, don’t want the regular slot? No problem! We can run Friday by committee. Over Easy is really VERY flexible.

Fukushima Update:

Overall, things still suck there. They’re seeing dolphins die with totally white lungs, ischemic state never seen before. Almost certainly radiation related.

Both wormbots they sent into #1 are now dead. The first was blocked early on in it’s scans, the 2nd completed it’s mission but died from radioactivity before it could be recovered.

The 2nd wormbot captured this green glow. Lots of things it could be, I think it’s the light from the camera on the bot reflecting off some damaged radiated surface.

The 2nd robot revealed radiation levels up to 50 Sv/hr in places. This is less than 1/10 of what was expected and it means that the corium was much farther away from the robots than TEPCO had hoped. They’re releasing the readings in full sieverts so the numbers won’t look as big, but 50 sv/hr would kill you in under 10 minutes and a lethal dose would be about 2 minutes.

Interesting that TEPCO edited away about 15 seconds of video right before the radiation spike to 50 Sv/hr. What did they not want us to see? Corium? A smoking hole to China? Evidence of weapons work?

TEPCO took a power outage that resulted in yet more highly radioactive water hitting the Pacific. Officially, TEPCO does not know how hot the water is.

Somebody put a drone with Fuku cesium on the roof of the prime ministers home. Happy Birthday, Mr. Prime Minister! You gave us some Cesium, we’ll give you some.

The plan to restart Japans reactors was dealt a blow, a judge said NO citing safety concerns.

A large chunk of Japan’s climate policy was based on using nuke power. That plan is now in shreds.

The bird population near Fuku is also in shreds. Barn Swallows dropped from thousands to dozens, for example.

And by the way, TEPCO is still running Windows XP on over 48,000 PC’s.

Maybe related, maybe not. Sardine populations have crashed on the US west coast, resulting in an emergency closure of the entire fishery.

Boxturtle (Don’t Panic – The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy)


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