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The Roundup for April 22nd, 2015

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It’s Earth Day!

International Politics


– The U.S. is now making sure there are no blackouts in a major hub of the Taliban in Afghanistan

– The U.S., meanwhile, accused Russia of creating more air defense systems in eastern Ukraine

– While Pope Francis I referred to the Armenian massacre as a genocide, President Barack Obama did not do so

Middle East

– Yesterday, Saudi Arabia announced it would end its mission into Yemen. Today, it led fired airstrikes

– But, if it didn’t do that, is it possible for peace to come to Yemen. Possibly, but that’s difficult as there just too much suffering


– European Union officials say migrants coming to Europe will be sent back when they land

Latin America, Caribbean and Canada

– The right-wing in Brazil want to ensure their version of education is implemented nation-wide and are targeting the Brazilian government to undermine their efforts

– There’s bloodshed to be spilled over natural resources in Latin America, which will certainly increase due to climate change

– Puerto Rican officials warn the government may shutdown in the next few months as a result of financial issues

– The Calbuco volcano erupted in Chile, a first in the past 42 years

Surveillance Planet

– Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY): The “Founding Fathers would be mortified” if they knew about the NSA

Financial Matters

– Gallup: Fifty-five percent of Americans hold money in the stock market

– Is there a recovery in the United Kingdom? Well, by looking at food bank use, the number of Britons using it rose in the past year

– Privatization of prisons is coming to Brazil and the country is copying the U.S. in regards to the for-profit model

– Do not be fooled by Apple’s claims of reducing carbon emissions. It actually increased carbon emissions

– Brazil lost $7.2 billion last year, $2.1 billion of which was lost due to kickbacks

– China will now allow Visa, MasterCard and American Express to operate in the country

Labor’s a-Brewing

Inspiring to see federal contract workers on strike and demanding the same thing as the Fight for 15 demands

– When you want to make Congress forget about protecting fast food workers, do what Taco Bell did: Give out free tacos and nachos

Politics US

Washington USA

– Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) called for the Obama administration to reveal at what point it would intervene over Russia’s presence in Ukraine

– Turns out there’s no oversight over the license plate reading program run by the Department of Homeland Security

– A Department of Veterans Affairs in West Virginia secretly switched out drugs for veterans to cut costs

– President Obama: Action on climate change can no longer be denied; Says the person who built Keystone XL south

– The country of Morocco is Ready for Hillary. No seriously, they are supporting Clinton along with other American politicians

Anytown USA

– The Real News covers a protest in Baltimore over the death of Freddie Gray, who was in police custody before he died

– One of the officers involved in the case of Gray holds a history of violence

– How do you celebrate Earth Day in Wisconsin if you are a federal employee? Well, Governor Scott Walker sends you, if you are a part of the Department of Natural Resource, a notice saying you’ll be fired

Health, Hunger and Homelessness

– Blue Bell, a firm known for its ice cream, recalled its products because of a deadly bacteria

A new study found, once again, there is no link to a vaccine and autism

– If the Food and Drug Administration doesn’t know what in our food, then that does not bode well for our bodies

The Second Sex

– Jessica Valenti: “Will it really take a man’s word for people to believe rape victims?

– In a vote of 99-0, the Senate voted to expand law enforcement abilities in terms of sex trafficking; Who missed the vote? Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)

 Planet Earth

Nearly half of all Americans live in places where earthquakes are likely

– Gallup: Conservative Republicans are the only political group denying global warming will affect their lives in the future

– Petra Tschakert, a scientist who worked with the Intergovernment Panel on Climate Change, tells The Real News why the climate will get worse if global warming isn’t addressed

– Paul Paz y Mino, a member of Amazon Watch, explains to The Real News why Chevron wants to avoid its role in polluting

A new report found bees are not only ingest pesticides, but are addicted to them

– It’s not only California, Washington state is also affected by a devastating drought

– Major scientists advocated for zero-carbon emissions by mid-century to deal with global warming

– There is no major environmental change throughout the world if there is no confrontation of major issues like capitalism in our society

– The World Wildlife Fund released a report where it found the oceans were worth $24 trillion

– Those poor rich folk in Beverly Hills need to conserve water by not using pools; Quick, someone write a petition to stop this

Mixed Bag

– The Real News covers an event it sponsored featuring Michelle Alexander on prisons

– Juan Cole: “Ten Ways to Prove You Love the Earth on Earth Day

– It is possible for a newspaper, no more how small, to stand up against advertising giants

– Trevor Timm: “Sony should not be able to tell journalists what to print

Looks like the Counter Terror Expo is not a huge fan of journalists who don’t follow the mainstream narrative

Break Time

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