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The Weekend Roundup for April 18-19th, 2015

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Under went a major change today. Cut my long hair and donated it. For those interested, it was 16 inches.

International Politics


– Reporters are not allowed to sit in on an international meeting dealing with Chevron’s actions in Ecuador

– Major Hollywood figures called the CEO of Al-Jazeera America a member of “Hamas,” based on documents leaked by Wikileaks

– Natasha Lennard: “Why protesting with a hologram is pathetic and dangerous

– Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said the U.S. created a myth of Iranian nuclear weapons

Middle East

– On Saturday, alleged Islamic State militants killed at least 35 people and wounded 125 in Afghanistan

– As a result of clashes along with air strikes, at least 25 people were killed in Yemen

– The leader of the Houthi in Yemen vowed not to “give in” to the Saudi-led forces

– Iraq was able to push back ISIS forces from capturing the country’s largest oil refinery

– For Iraqi youth, leaving Iraq is their best and safest choice as major instability in the country is not something they want to deal with

– Rania Khalek: “Israel “directly targeted” children in drone strikes on Gaza, says rights group


At least 300 were arrested in South Africa in regards to recent attacks against immigrants


– Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy criticized the investigation into a former prime minister’s money laundering as hurting the popularity of his party

– In response to the deaths of at least 700 migrants in the Mediterranean Sea, European Union officials will hold an emergency meeting on migrants

– Poland is angry over an article written by an FBI official about the country’s role in the Holocaust

Latin America, Caribbean and Canada

– While there are accomplishments to be proud of throughout Latin America for the left, problems must be confronted to overcome instability in the region

– Thanks to high social spending by the Ecuadorean government, folks living poverty dropped by one-third over the past few years

– Amy Goodman: “Open Veins, Healing Wounds in Latin America

– Even though they lost their limbs when traveling to the U.S., 13 Hondurans will be deported instead of meeting President Barack Obama, their wish

Surveillance Planet

– New Zealand wanted to team up with the NSA to spy on Chinese diplomats

Financial Matters

– Economists love predicting the future even though they are efficient as a robot fortune teller

– The International Monetary Fund, meanwhile, is very worried about the lack of a serious recovery for the world’s economies

– Robert Johnson, an economist, joins The Real News to talk about a panel he moderated involving Greek Foreign Minister Yanis Varoufakis and economist Joseph Stiglitz on the eurozone. The panel can be found here

– Gallup: Forty-three percent of Americans say it is the perfect time to find a good job

– As a result of the clock ticking for a Greek default, there is a chance Greece may exit the euro

Labor’s a-Brewing

– Those jobs Uber says it creates? They are actually make part-time contractor positions

– Throughout the Arab countries, at least 30 percent of youths are without a job

Politics US

Washington USA

– President Obama: The fastest growing markets are in Asia and, thus, we need the Trans-Pacific Partnership

Part three of eight with John Kiriakou about his time in Bahrain and how the State Department refused to address any human rights violations in the country during the 1990s

– David Sirota: “GOP’s Libertarians Aren’t All That Libertarian

– Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL): I do not believe same-sex marriage is a constitutional right

– Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN) said there is a chance Loretta Lynch may be confirmed in the next few days

– Lee Fang: “GOP Hopefuls Divided on Cotton Claim That Attack on Iran Would Be Over In “Several Days

 Anytown USA

– Sure there’s money to be made off of videos at for-profit prisons, but activists are determined to put an end to it

– Boards in charge of holding the Chicago police accountable often fail to do anything massive as they fail by design

We Don’t Need No Education

– Efforts are still needed to eradicate illiteracy as hundreds of millions around the world still cannot read

– Those charter school fanatics who claim to push for community are just liars really wanting their own sense of community

Health, Hunger and Homelessness

At least 200 mental health experts called for an end to austerity in the United Kingdom

The Second Sex

– Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY): I do not think a woman president is needed since women are doing extremely fine

– A new study found one-third of women do not allow enough time between births for their body to recover

Planet Earth

– Urban foraging may be key in providing food for low-income communities

– Currently, according to new research, natural phenomenon is somewhat cooling Antarctica. This does not bode well when the effects of global warming kick in

– Despite Rio de Janeiro hosting two water events for the Olympics next year, the city is not ready as it is affected by pollution and dead fish

– Department of Transportation proposed new rules to prevent explosions caused by crude oil-by-trains

– If only lawmakers listened to Chelsea Manning, then events like the Deepwater Horizon spill may have never happened

– Speaking of which, the return to normalcy for residents on the shore seems to be far off

– The United Nations reported a record number of electronic waste recorded last year, especially in countries going “green”

– Fossil fuel companies hold massive amounts of carbon reserves to the point where it is far too much that can safely be burned

– Excellent to hear Californians pushing back against the bottled water industry in the state

Mixed Bag

– This talk of aliens coming down to Earth and potentially conquering or exploiting humanity is too far-fetched to be true

– Turns out Ben Affleck asked PBS to censor any mention of his slave-owning ancestors

– Mark Fried, who translate works by Eduardo Galeano, explains his significance to The Real News

– Jon Stewart speaks with The Guardian about his decision to leave The Daily Show as well as his next endeavors

Break Time

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Brandon Jordan

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