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Camera Work: Bright Ideas

So many ideas for today’s post, the mind boggles! Sometimes, there is a dearth of ideas, sometimes, a plethora. Not that there is any actual lack, or a sudden increase in sources, but rather, a mental spectrum running from lethargy to vigor crowding in just when I need inspiration to write. Today is such a day.

For instance, Ruth Calvo’s Saturday Art post about Thomas Eakins reminded me of early considerations I had concerning the differences between painting and photography, which I voiced in Saturday’s post. She reminded me that Eakins was also a photographer, which I then connected to Eadward Muybridge and his what is arguably the first motion picture, of horses in motion. He did it by setting s series of cameras along a track with trip wires that triggered the camera’s as the horse ran past, which later he showed as a motion picture using his invention, the Zoopraxiscope.

Some people think Thomas Edison invented motion pictures. Well, he did patent the process he invented to commercially produce movies, but Muybridge actually produced and projected a motion picture before Edison did.

Considering Edison’s invention, the inclination to dodge patent rights, which Edison ruled with an iron fist, is a big reason Hollywood rose up as the capital of motion picture producing, because Hollywood was 3000 miles away from New York, and, in those years, was a difficult path for pursuing patent infringement cases. Of course, having excellent weather most of the year made it a better location choice, but hey! Two birds, one stone.

Good story stuff, great subject, no?

I could write about the evolution of the software industry as it affected me concerning upgrades to Operating systems and computer hardware. It came up in Friday’s OE when I commented on the fact I possessed a perfectly good scanner which is inoperable because Epson declined to update the drivers for Win 7. AliceX commented that there are third party alternatives, which I knew about but my preference is really the Epson software as it is purely generic, no overlay of algorithms about how a picture should look. Later, I was thinking about it and thought: “well, maybe someone had figured out an answer lately because I’m surely not the only one who is miffed by Epson’s refusal to update. I did an online search, and sure enough, now a hack exists. Since the series of scanners Epson named the Perfection series have basic identities, differing in non-major ways, it became a simple matter to recognize that the driver software has a common base, and that all that was necessary was to download a particular version open the file to a particular point and insert the lines of code that identified my scanner as part of the brood. Brilliant! I did it and now it runs like a champ! Sat there since 2007 being a paper weight, now fully functioning again.

Maybe I should write about that.

But wait! On Friday’s Late Night FDL, cmaukonen posted a couple of links to some shots he did in a county park called West Woods. He produced a series of images, little vignettes of scenes that caught his attention, a rather large variety of them. One in particular caught my eye, a photo of the History Center, a classic example of a nice building well photographed, in terms of composition and maintenance of parallel verticals. Achieving both in an architectural shoot is no simple task, yet Chris accomplished it, as he said : “I was freezing cold and it was wet an rainy and I almost didn’t take it.” A perfect example of getting to the heart of the matter with no fuss! I thought about that, and recalled a comment Ansel Adams made on the same topic: “It’s either there or it’s not, I don’t fuss any more.”

Don’t fuss any more. Click the shutter; throw two hands at the keyboard and just play( advice from my piano teacher when I grumbled about making so many mistakes I couldn’t play right), IOW, just do it!

So what should I write about? Getting close to publishing time and I haven’t figured out anything to write about.

Oh wait! I just did!

Photo ©2015 Lawrence Hudetz All Rights Reserved.

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Lawrence Hudetz

Lawrence Hudetz