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The Murderers of Kiev

Late last night I’d quipped; “Tell me Nuland’s minions aren’t hard at work…” in sharing this LA Times report, Third pro-Russia activist found dead in Ukraine capital this week.

Today, b @ Moon of Alabama posted this eye-opener…

Ukraine: “Both Sides Touched” By NATO Related Murder Of The Other Side

The Washington Post’s Michael Birnbaum invented a new funny way to equalized victims and perpetrators of serious crimes:

MOSCOW — A pro-Russian Ukrainian journalist was gunned down in Kiev on Thursday, authorities said, a day after a Ukrainian politician supporting Moscow was found dead.

The killing of Oles Buzyna, 45, raised fears of a new wave of back-and-forth violence in the streets of Ukraine after a string of unsolved deaths that has touched both sides of the conflict between Ukraine’s Western-allied government and pro-Moscow separatists.

Indeed the “unsolved deaths” “touched both sides” with eleven people on one side getting murdered while the other side covered up these murders as “suicides” and very likely also provided the killers.

Eight politicians of the Party of Region of former president Yanukovich, ousted in a U.S. inspired coup, were killed as were three journalists un-sympathetic to the now ruling coup government.

There is some curious connection between some of the recent killings and NATO. As RB at NiqNaq provides (recommended):

On Apr 14, a profile of Oles’ Buzina was added to site (where Ukrainian government encourages people to fink the authorities on the people suspected of separatism); on Apr 15, Oles’ Buzina was killed near his home with 4 shots. I (my correspondent – RB) looked up the Web address where they posted Buzina’s address, and found that it’s hosted on a NATO server.

The Niqnaq post provides details and screenshots demonstrating the connection to NATO. (A short take is also here.) I was myself researching the issue for MoA when I found that Niqnaq post and I can confirm the findings and add a bit. {…}

The Saker posted this on Buzina’s untimely demise…

Oles Buzina has been murdered in Kiev!

The Ukrainian journalist and author Oles Buzina has been murdered in Kiev. He is the latest person to die in a long list of murdered and otherwise “suicided” people in the Nazi-occupied Ukraine.

Most of you probably don’t know Buzina and, if that is the case, I highly recommend that you watch is fascinating interview about the history of the Ukraine which I posted here:

I have to tell you that I am particularly shocked, outraged and distressed by this murder. Buzina was a controversial figure and I did not share a lot of his views. But one thing Buzina was absolutely beyond doubt: he was 100% Ukrainian. He loved his country, his people, the complex culture and history of this long-suffering land. Buzina was also fearless. Not only did he not emigrate to Russia (like the vast majority of Ukrainian anti-Nazis), he took no security measures at all, he spoke his opinion completely openly and publicly and he never minced his words about the sorry clique of Nazi freaks which took over his country.

Those who murdered Buzina murdered a Ukrainian symbol. They did so deliberately. Make no mistake, this was not a russophobic act – this was a ukrainophobic act, the attempt to silence a uniquely Ukrainian voice.

My disgust with the ugly freaks in power knows no limits today.

The Saker

Yesterday, Antiwar’s Justin Raimondo wrote…

The Murderers of Kiev

Ukraine’s gangster regime shows its true colors

There seems to be a “suicide” epidemic afflicting opponents of the current Ukrainian government – nine opposition politicians and two journalists have mysteriously died since the beginning of the year. Here is the timeline of terror that has opponents of the regime fearing for their lives:

January 26 – Nikolai Sergienko, former deputy chief of Ukrainian Railways and a supporter of Viktor Yanukoych’s Party of Regions, reportedly shot himself with a hunting rifle. The windows were all locked from inside, and no note was found.

January 29 – Aleksey Kolesnik, the former chairman of the Kharkov regional government and a prominent supporter of the now-banned Party of Regions, supposedly hung himself. There was no suicide note

February 24 – Stanislav Melnik, another former Party of Regions member of parliament, was found dead in his bathroom: he is said to have shot himself with a hunting rifle. We are told he left a suicide note of “apologies,” but what he was apologizing for has never been revealed, since the note has not been released.

February 25 – Sergey Valter, former Party of Regions activist and Mayor of Melitopol, was found hanged hours before his trial on charges of “abuse of office” was set to begin. Whoever was responsible neglected to leave a “suicide” note.

February 26 – Aleksandr Bordyuga, Valter’s lawyer and former deputy chief of Melitopol police, was found in his garage, dead, another “suicide.”

February 26 – Oleksandr Peklushenko, a former Party of Regions member of parliament and chairman of Zaporozhye Regional State Administration, was found dead in the street with a gun wound to his neck. Officially declared a “suicide.”

February 28 – Mikhail Chechetov, a professor of economics and engineering, former member of parliament from the Party of Regions, and former head of the privatization board, supposedly jumped from the seventeenth floor window of his Kiev apartment. Another “suicide”!

March 14 – Sergey Melnichuk, a prosecutor and Party of Regions loyalist, “fell” from the ninth floor window of an apartment building in Odessa. Or was he pushed?

April 15 – Oleg Kalashnikov, yet another prominent Party of Regions leader, died of a gunshot wound – the eighth since the beginning of the year.

Kalashnikov, a former member of the Ukrainian parliament and a very vocal and visible critic of the Kiev regime, was found shot to death in his home. This time, the authorities are having a hard time spinning it as a “suicide,” although they haven’t come right out and said it was murder. Kalashnikov had recently been campaigning for the right of Ukrainians to celebrate the victory of the Allies during World War II – a controversial topic in Ukraine, where sympathy for the Third Reich and its Ukrainian collaborators is rife among supporters of the current government. He had reportedly received numerous death threats because of his stand.


US taxpayers have shelled out billions to a regime that is one of the most corrupt – and, now, one of the most repressive – regimes in the world. And the Obama administration continues to support the gangsters of Kiev, even stationing US troops there for “training” purposes – for they are the mutant progeny of Washington’s “democracy promotion” project. Ukraine is a convenient base from which to achieve the ultimate goal of this project – regime change in Russia itself, a deadly dangerous game that could well spark a nuclear confrontation.

What more evidence is needed that US foreign policy is utter madness?

Even the co-opted NGO Amnesty International wants answers… Ukraine’s spate of suspicious deaths must be followed by credible investigations

Looking back…

Seriously, WTF have we wrought in Ukraine…?

Edit: A great Salon article(h/t kspopulist) The New York Times “basically rewrites whatever the Kiev authorities say”: Stephen F. Cohen on the U.S./Russia/Ukraine history the media won’t tell you

Jeff Kaye wrote in the Dissenter, in August… CIA Intervention in Ukraine Has Been Taking Place for Decades

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