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Over Easy: Monday Science

…so we’re much happier at the lake.


Fukushima Update:

After the accident, radiation over 450,000 times normal background was detected off the US coast. This is equivalent to what we’d see with a 1 megaton atmospheric detonation. Nice that they finally get around to telling us. tells us the levels are nothing to worry about. This information was produced using a federal grant, so there may be a teeny bit of bias towards the governments position.

More detail in the damaged gate in the #3 SFP.  There is concern that if they remove some of the debris leaning against the gate, it might start leaking. If so, that pool will drain and we’ll have a potential meltdown in the SFP.

We should get our first look inside #3 containment in October. You may recall that #3 was the reactor with the “different” explosion, so this should be really scary.

But don’t get your hopes up. They sent a robot to inspect #1 containment, it died about 2/3 of the way though the planned inspection, oddly in an area where TEPCO has refused (without explanation) to release photos. The robot is still sending data, despite being stuck, so it wasn’t radiation that killed it. They’re going to just leave it where it is, and hold off sending in a second robot.

Here’s a whitewash of the current plan to deal with the tritium water: evaporate it. Or bury it deep. Some quotes: “…tritium, a relatively harmless radioactive isotope…”,  “release the tritium laced water to the ocean, a common practice at normally operating nuclear plants around the world”.

We could die by asteroid strike instead. Mark your calendar for Oct 12, 2017. Right now, they’re saying it’s a 1 in a million chance of a hit, but they still are refining the orbit.

I’ve never liked the concept of dark energy. Still don’t. Here’s a story about how we possibly mis-measured some key data that supports dark energy.

Antennas on a chip? Well, maybe. lot’s of potential applications if this pans out.

Somebody dumped a few goldfish from an aquarium in Teller #5 Lake a few years ago. The fish now own the lake and there is concern they could escape and drive out the native species.

And on a personal note, how do you help a depressed, lonely dog whose best friends were both put down recently WITHOUT obtaining another dog?

Boxturtle (Poor 140lb dog isn’t even sure the little dogs ARE dogs)



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