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It’s Official: Hillary Is Off And Running

From the Hill…

Hillary: ‘I’m running for president’

Hillary Clinton will make a second bid for the White House, she announced Sunday in a video posted to her new campaign website.

“I’m running for president,” the Democrat says in the video, adding that “everyday Americans need a champion. I want to be that champion.”

The two-minute video, posted shortly after 3 p.m., begins with footage of people talking about the challenges they face before cutting to the former secretary of State. Among those featured are a young job-seeker, a new mother, a same-sex couple and a retiree. Clinton makes her first appearance at the 1:33 mark.

The Clinton rollout will be slow. According to a press release from her campaign, “just like the families in her video who are getting ready for fresh starts, Hillary is preparing her campaign organization. She’s committed to spending the next 6 to 8 weeks in a ‘ramp up’ period where her team will start to build a nation-wide grassroots organization, and she will spend her time engaging directly with voters.”

Her next stop will be Iowa, according to a tweet from her official account. In May, once supporters in all 50 states have been organized, she’ll hold her first rally and deliver a speech to launch her candidacy.

MSNBC reported…

Ready for Hillary no Longer ‘Ready for Hillary’

Ready for Hillary is no longer “Ready for Hillary” – but they’re still “ready.”

The pro-Clinton super PAC, which always planned to shut down once Clinton made her run official, has officially changed its name to comply with federal elections rules against the name of a candidate appearing in that of an independent group now that Clinton has announced her presidential bid.

Ready for Hillary is now simply: Ready PAC.

Soon, the group will shutdown entirely, and plans to be out of its Arlington, Virginia office by the end of the week.

Clinton’s campaign hired six former Ready for Hillary staffers, including its co-founder Adam Parkhomenko. All have since left the outside group and can no longer coordinate with its remaining staffers, many of whom are eager for campaign jobs themselves.

The super PAC held its final events Saturday in New York City and Maryland, where they proclaimed victory after two years of organizing support for Clinton’s bid.

“What we’ve really accomplished is we got her to run! That was the purpose,” Rep. Carolyn Maloney, a longtime Clinton ally and early Ready for Hillary supporter, told msnbc at the New York event. “We started two years ago with two volunteers and one P.O. box, and we now have over 4 million volunteers, we’ve had over 1,300 events like this.”

Run, Bernie, Run…!

Edit:Bernie Sanders says he will run for president if he can ‘do it well’

Rand Paul launched the first anti-Hillary ad… Defeat The Washington Machine

Are we there yet…? *gah*

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