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Late Night FDL: Let’s Work Together

Canned Heat – Let’s Work Together

Three previously unreleased live albums from Canned Heat will be out soon…

Three previously unreleased 1970s live albums by Canned Heat are to be issued by Cleopatra Records.

The label will release one show from 1971 and two recorded in 1973, starting with Canned Heat With John Lee Hooker – Carnegie Hall 1971, to be issued on April 14.

The second package, Canned Heat – Stockholm 1973, is due on May 12. A third album, Canned Heat – Illinois Blues 1973, will be released on July 7.

The Carnegie Hall set was captured during the band’s tour with blues icon John Lee Hooker and will be available on CD and limited edition green vinyl. A Hooker-led version of Tease Me Baby is included as a bonus track and an interview with Canned Heat drummer Adolfo de la Parra also features.

The band’s post-Alan Wilson lineup stars on the Stockholm 1973 set, while full details of the Illinois show will be unveiled ahead of the July release.

I’m back at work tonite…! Be nice to one another…!

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