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The Roundup for April 7th, 2015

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International Politics


– Pew: Citizens in both the U.S. and Japan say they trust each other and both do not trust China

– In a joint press conference, the leaders of Iran and Turkey called for fighting to end in Yemen

– The Red Cross warned a “catastrophic” situation would develop in Aden, Yemen, should fighting continue

– The White House announced a nearly $1 billion deal where the U.S. will send military vehicles and equipment to Pakistan

Middle East

– It is fair to say the Islamic State originates from the capitalist system’s contradictions

– Speaking of ISIS, they fought with the Iraqi army in the city of Tikrit

Asia and Oceania

– The head of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards said he supported the agreement with the West

– China announced it would keep tabs on all tourists entering China as it would record any instance of inappropriate behavior


– Aris Spouradalakis, a SYRIZA Youth member, joins The Real News in order to discuss the coalition along with the different ideas presented by groups within it

– Russia is considering lifting its food import ban for Greece, Hungary and Cyprus

– Greece demanded Germany pay $303 million for Nazi occupation during World War II

Latin America, Caribbean and Canada

– The U.S. military announced an investigation into reports of soldiers sexually assaulting Colombian girls from 2003 to 2007

– Due to an ambush, 15 Mexican police officers were killed and five were wounded in Jalisco, Mexico

Surveillance Planet

– Sam Sacks: “First Rule About Stingray FBI Club: Don’t Talk About Stingray FBI Club

Financial Matters

– Mexican drug cartels are using Hong Kong to money launder their funds as well as obtain chemicals

– Some animal agencies across the U.S. euthanize pets when owners are unable to pay

– No matter what, capitalism can never eradicate poverty. It is impossible

– Don’t tell that to the World Bank who think it is possible with the new Chinese-led bank

– Half of the Airbnb listing for Cuba are controlled by five people, which is funny since, well, it’s capitalism returning to Cuba

– More business folks are turning to Uber instead of taxis; Certainly means changes will be coming in the future

Politics US

Washington USA

– Pew: Democratic voters tend to be college-educated women, blacks or Asians. Meanwhile, Republicans voters tend to be white men with some college education or none, Mormons and southerners

– Lawrence Wilkerson joins The Real News to talk about the framework deal with Iran along with domestic opposition in the U.S. to it

– Former President Bill Clinton will play a “backstage adviser” for Hillary Clinton’s campaign; I guess someone needs to get the Democrats

– It’s no longer Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) but it’s Dr. Rand Paul because what better way to show your not desperate for votes?; Comically, he’s also appealing to the Ron Paul supporters too despite alienating them

– All joking aside, Paul’s decision to join the presidential race also means the Audit the Fed bill will be brought into the spotlight

Anytown USA

– Journalist Glen Ford joins The Real News to discuss the Chicago elections and why it does not seem likely Rahm Emanuel will be defeated in the run-off elections

– Glenn Greenwald: “Political Smears in U.S. Never Change: the NYT’s 1967 Attack on MLK’s Anti-War Speech

– It matters, by the way, of exposing Rahm Emanuel as a power-hungry and manipulative politician who uses fear to get supporters

– Only a handful of families are behind the campaigns against BDS as well as those who criticize Israel

– Police in Zion, Ill., say a black teenager killed by an officer was allegedly trying to get the officer’s gun despite witnesses saying that wasn’t the case

We Don’t Need No Education

– Student activists at Harvard University may face a major challenge in terms of fossil fuel divestment, but they are determined to complete their goal

– Vassar College received $1 million from a private foundation for efforts in getting low-income students to graduate

The Second Sex

– It certainly is disturbing when anti-abortion lawmakers believe placing restrictions in any bill is for the best. It is not

– Michelle Chen: “The Absurdly Rational Logic of Wages for Wives

– Ellen Pao believes, despite losing her case, women will speak up more against sexism at work

Planet Earth

– President Barack Obama: Climate change will impact the health of Americans

– Journalist Luke Broadwater joins The Real News to talk about a strange event happening in Baltimore. The city may shut off water to residents as it is not getting enough money; however, corporations, noted as still getting water no matter what, are the ones not paying

– Dahr Jamail: “Melting Accelerates in Antarctica: So Far, 2015 Is Hottest Year Yet

– In spite of the drought in California, farmers there are figuring out ways to conserve water and still produce food

– Speaking of the drought, Nestle sure doesn’t think anything should be done to the company, especially with the money it makes off bottled water

– Californian officials asked for residents to cut water use even more as efforts are not what they expected

– Steve Horn: “BNSF Challenges Lawsuit From Engineer Who Ran For His Life From Exploding Oil ‘Bomb Train’

Mixed Bag

A depressing read about the everyday sexism women experience either at work, at school or at home

A look back at punk in the Soviet Union during the 1980s; A must for anyone interested in punk

Break Time

Carry Me Home [Atmosphere]

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Brandon Jordan

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