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Over Easy: Pie in the sky

Pie in the sky

Pie in the sky:


pie in the sky (uncountable)

A fancifulnotion; an unrealistic or ludicrous concept; the illusorypromise of a desired outcome that is unlikely to happen.

I believe that the people of this country are inflected with this to a very large extent. Maybe from the very first ones to arrive.   An unrealistic view of…well just about everything. Becoming overly optimistic to overly pessimistic and cynical.  What some one I knew would call awfulizing. Nothing was merely bad, it was just awful.

It’s the corner stone of most religions [ save for maybe Buddhism] , politics, education and politics.  Technology is rife with it. Each new device being the Holy Grail, but falling way short of the “promise”.  solid state being WAY better than vacuum tubes. Digital WAY better that analogue etc.

Capitalism being WAY better than [Socialism, communism, _________].  So people in this country especially make the perfect pigeons for every scam artist and flim flam man that comes along, to fulfil their every wish and desire, no matter how unrealistic it maybe. Pouring gobs of money into false promises convinced that they can buy the “perfect” life styles, body, sound system, car…what have you. I get a kick out of those who truly believe they will reach nirvana and obtain the experience of listening to Mozart being played in Every Fisher Hall in their own living-room.   Or the looks of Kim Kardashian.  What ever it is, it’s guaranteed to…make you more beautiful, handsome, stronger, healthier,  wiser,more intelligent, richer, etc.

Like food advise from this person or self help from this person. Or assuming because they work for some big newspaper or have a PHD they are not full of shit.

Oh but they also get so upset and defensive when you try to convince them it ain’t going to happen and ain’t necessarily so.

This in my opinion has a lot to do with out current state of affairs.  That there are FAR to many people who are not in reality but are living in a dream land.

If people in this country were living more in reality maybe we might get more done.  Just a thought.

That’s my little rant for today.



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