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The Roundup for April 6th, 2015

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Ah, the joys of vacations.

International Politics


– The United Nations requested access to a Palestinian refugee camp in Damascus

An interview with Ilya Budraitskis, a Russian Marxist, on the situation in Russia and the problem with the Western left on international issues like Ukraine

Middle East

Part three of three with professor Madawi al-Rasheed who explains the role of Saudi oil in the Middle East along with Saudi Arabia’s role in the region

– Journalist Patrick Cockburn joins The Real News to discuss Iraqi forces capturing Tikrit from the Islamic State and the future of the conflict in Iraq

– Thanks to Saudi intervention in Yemen, al-Qaeda is gaining more victories in the eastern part of the country

– Saudi Arabia, meanwhile, wants Pakistan to contribute to the coalition effort in Yemen

– It’s not just Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as being a problem for the Palestinians. Rather, it’s the Israeli state.

Asia and Oceania

– Did you know the Tajikistan government causes human rights abuses? The U.S. embassy sure doesn’t want anyone to know.


– Libyan Prime Minister Abdullah al-Thinni, head of the internationally recognized government, said his government would sell oil to stop the rival government from getting any money


– Nationalization of banks and leaving the euro are now suggestions be considered by the Greek government

– Anonymous International, a Russian hacking group, discovered texts sent by a Russian official giving money to Front National, a far-right group in France, in exchange for Marine Le Pen supporting the annexation of Crimea

– If you are looking for some group ignored by the Western media in Ukraine then it must be the eastern Ukrainians 

Surveillance Planet

– The reason why Americans are clueless about day-to-day issues along with major, long-term issues like NSA surveillance because they are fairly ignorant of the issues; Ignorance is bliss

Financial Matters

– William Black, a professor, joins The Real News to explain what’s happening with Citigroup and  whistleblowers of the bank

– Dean Baker: “Weak March Job Numbers: An Opportunity to Put Pressure on the Fed

– Now world foreign currency reserves are on the decline, which means countries will now shift their monetary and fiscal strategies

– The International Monetary Fund called for Islamic finance to confront major contemporary challenges now in order to grow

– Chris Hedges: “Boycott, Divest and Sanction Corporations That Feed on Prisons

– Viacom announced layoffs in order to save millions of dollars, although they declined to say how many workers would be laid off

Politics US

Washington USA

Part one of two with activist Ward Churchill on COINTELPRO and the groups who were targeted by the government

– Gallup: Compared to previous presidential elections, the GOP candidates for 2016 are not as popular

– Pew: Meanwhile, most registered voters say who wins matters in 2016 even if voters are less interested than before

– Rep. Don Beyer (D-VA): Even if Iran had nuclear weapons, then they wouldn’t use them or else they’ll be crazy

– It would really be insulting if the Transportation Security Adminstration targeted undocumented immigrants instead of terrorists as they cla-Wait, they do?

Anytown USA

– There are consequences when deadly force by police is used as it removes the potential of youths in our society

– The Chicago Police Department spent millions on mass surveillance equipment, although they don’t want you to know any of that

We Don’t Need No Education

– For the rest of the academic year, Rutgers University banned all parties by fraternities

Health, Hunger and Homelessness

– We must say enough and end any privatization of seeds as, if we do not, it will cause major consequences in the future

– The USDA found the use of a particular pesticide tied to the decline of Monarch butterflies

– Speaking of pesticides, residents in Ventura County, Calif., found out the hard way when pesticides were used near a school

– Thank you free trade proponents for causing health problems, like obesity, in the Global South!

A new study found over-treatment of breast cancer costs four billion dollars per year

The Second Sex

– Sarah Jaffe: “Is There Anything to Gain From Ellen Pao’s Loss?

– Let us be as brief as possible, as Natasha Lennard shows, Purvi Patel must be immediately freed as miscarriage is not a crime

– Jessica Valenti: “It wasn’t Jackie’s job to get the details of her rape correct. It was Rolling Stone’s

– The University of Virginia fraternity involved in the Rolling Stone story vowed to sue the news organization

– Journalist Michelle Chen asks a very important question in terms of domestic violence, “How Much Does Domestic Abuse Cost Its Survivors?

Planet Earth

– The situation in California is so dire that farmers are now using oil wastewater

– The American Legislative Exchange Council threatened to sue groups saying it denies climate change; ALEC denies climate change

– Juan Cole: “In Morocco, the Dawn of a Green Energy Revolution

– Brazil may be forced to turn to solar energy as the drought continues to persist in the country, which is partially caused by deforestation

– There still reasons to be optimistic when it comes to climate change; Perhaps…

– Steve Horn: “Disclosure Fail: Industry Reps Testifying for Denton, Texas Fracking Bill Left Ties Undisclosed

Mixed Bag

– A court in New York City allowed a woman to file a divorce through Facebook

– The bust in Brooklyn in honor of Edward Snowden was covered up by the New York Parks Department

Break Time

Love Will Tear Us Apart [Joy Division]

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