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Over Easy: Monday Science


Well, the first week of April has mostly passed, meaning here at least we’re probably done with snow. However, starting this afternoon it should rain for most of the week. I sure would like to get some yardwork done. *sigh*

Fukushima Update:

The head of the Fuku decontamination admits they have NO idea what the corium looks like or where it is. Other than it’s not in the reactor. Doesn’t really matter, since he also admits that the technology to clean it up simply doesn’t exist, not even on the drawing board. He also states that the government target for cleanup can’t be met. Nor is he sure that it’s even possible to seal the site like Chernobyl.

Radiation at the “official” observation spot for the reactors is 300 microsieverts/hr.   Largely coming from #1.

TEPCO’s pr flack, a former Chief Nuclear regulator in the US, says it’s perfectly safe to dump the tritium laden water. TEPCO is DESPERATE to do this, they are running out of space to store water and every attempt to decontaminate failed. So now they will push dilution hard.

They’re trying to build a dump for the solid waste in an area of Fukushima that has been declared uninhabitable. However, they can’t find the prior owners to buy the land. In America, we’d just use eminiate domain but Japan will have to negotiate with each landowner.

Forbes attempts damage control on behalf of the nuclear industry. How many outright falsehoods can YOU spot?

CERN restarted the LHC Sunday. It’s running at a much higher energy level now, they should be able to confirm or refute several theories of dark matter. To me, the interesting thing will be how much they can prove or disprove of String theory. It’ll be a couple of years before we get the data studied.

California is rationing water, but some are saying the farmers aren’t sharing the sacrifice. If they don’t share this year, they’ll share next year. This drought is going to get worse, not better. It might well be the new normal.

Nasa funds a dozen projects. All good choices, IMO. I sometimes wonder what NASA could do with just one month of war expenses.

Mercury Messenger is nearing the end of it’s life, they’ll crash it into the planet this month. But it’s still making discoveries.

Deciding that maybe throwing an asteroid in Earths direction isn’t the smartest idea, NASA will now just grab a boulder and bring it back.

Tampons can now be used as a cheap method of detecting leaking sewage. Actually, a rather brilliant idea.

Boxturtle (The best way to behave is to misbehave – Mae West. And she would know)

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