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Over Easy: Friday Annoyance


Welcome to the Over Easy Diner. Have a seat. Today is the chef’s special. Don’t worry about a menu, everybody is going to eat the special whether you like it or not.

Kansas is allowing open carry for guns everywhere, no permit required. Democrat response? “The state should still require some training”.

Boo! Here are the ten most fear mongering political ads from the past. Any bets on if then next election replaces most of them?

Supporters of equal rights have managed to beat a pizza parlor that has never yet discriminated into submission via threats and trolling. Is this a symbol of America’s growth towards tolerance or a symbol of our intolerance of intolerance? Only bright spot was the fellow who stood in front of Intolerant Pizza and offered free samples of other pizzas.

But intolerance seems to be an American trait. No liberal or conservative bias, except in what we’re intolerant of.

The conservatives will eat their own, too. Seems the Bishop was not powerful enough in his defense of a teachers anti-gay Facebook rant.

We have a senator indicted on corruption charges, yet our concern is how will the senate function without him! Hint to CNN: The senate will be just as dysfunctional without him as it is with him. The problem in the senate is the leadership.

If you can’t speak English, don’t say the Pledge of Allegiance. Especially in Arabic! In my German class in High School, we said the pledge in German. The  Spanish class did the same in Spanish. Ditto the french. Ditto Latin, but that was REALLY weird. I suppose it doesn’t really matter, most people are just reciting the words without meaning anyway.

Gleaning, which is picking through a field for leftover crops after harvest, has been going on for centuries. There are gleaning teams in my area, with whatever they get going to the food bank. If you think America is narrowminded, Spanish farmers are now against gleaning because Rumanians are getting some of it. 

The only thing left of Sears is Craftsman and some really valuable real estate. If they can make it through this next Christmas without filing bankruptcy as a retailer as opposed to a realtor, I’ll be shocked. The CEO got a 1.5 million dollar raise this year, btw.

In Idaho, this is what passed for Science. And tolerence. I give you the Idaho SCIENCE museum!

Are you annoyed yet?

Boxturtle (Angry liberals take to the streets, angry conservatives take to the polls)




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