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Thursday tradition continues, and in the Lakeside Diner begun by Southern Dragon, today we will look at foreign media, and a perspective that doesn’t come from reportage the U.S. press usually does provide.

Results of nuclear talks are expected to come this morning.  An extension past the deadline brought thus far only continuing discussion in the nuclear agreement now taking place among concerned nations that sought to cut back Iran’s ability to develop nuclear power.  The U.S. delegation will not stay past June 30 if the difficulties relating to agreement about Iran’s nuclear program cannot be resolved.

All-night nuclear talks between Iran and major powers made “significant progress,” but there is no “final result yet,” Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said Thursday during a break in negotiations.

“We don’t have any final result yet,” Zarif told reporters in Switzerland. The six powers “have to examine among themselves the results of the negotiations. We don’t know yet the result of those discussions.”

“This should happen this morning,” he said. “If these solutions are approved, it is expected that there will be a joint declaration made by me and Mrs (Federica) Mogherini,” the EU foreign policy chief, Zarif said.

Steady weakening of the Euro has given impetus to manufacturing, a decline of 12% since January pushing the buying ability of potential Eurozone consumers.

Manufacturing and jobs are picking up in the eurozone thanks to the weaker euro, according to a survey.

Markit’s purchasing managers’ index (PMI) for the manufacturing sector rose to a 10-month high of 52.2 in March as eurozone factories benefited from the weaker currency.

It is the 23rd consecutive month that the index has been over 50, indicating growth rather than contraction.

Ongoing investigation of HSBC actions that sheltered accounts from paying taxes revealed 4040 belonging to Argentinians, and action is being demanded by the financial finagler to prevent further theft from that country.

“The first instance occurred in the Argentina branch [of HSBC] where a system of phantom invoice and accounts was set up for tax evasion and money laundering, which is being investigated in the courts,” the official fired during his presentation.

“Responsibility falls on HSBC because it tricked Argentina, not this government, but previous ones and those to come if we do not stop them,” the official fired, adding that the bank’s response must be “categorical in taking measures, if it does not support these acts of financial piracy.”


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Ruth Calvo

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