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Late Night FDL: Join Together

The Who – Join Together

Hmmm… The Who could be writing a new album…

Roger Daltrey revealed that his bandmate Pete Townshend is already at work in the studio, in a new interview with Rolling Stone.

“I know that Pete wants to make another record,” he said. “He’s just talking about it. I’ve heard a couple of tracks, which are great.”

Daltrey isn’t ruling it out, especially since he and Townshend have rekindled their friendship over the years, leading up to their recent 50th anniversary tour.

“After all the testosterone of youth, all of the problems and middle age and drugs and losing people we love, in the end you suddenly realize you deeply love each other,” Daltrey said. “We are like brothers. Family is like that, aren’t they? One minute you love them, the next minute you can’t stand them. But as soon as it looks like they’re not going to be around, they’re knocking on the door.”

While Daltrey revealed that the band’s anniversary tour will likely be their last string of shows on that level, he talked about the future of the band’s live performance, saying that perhaps they’d embark on an acoustic tour.

“This bit of our career is closed, but maybe two more doors open up,” he said. “Pete is an incredibly vibrant musician. I could see us playing acoustically in some ways,” he said referring to the idea of an unplugged tour. “Then you don’t have to tour. You just get down in New York for a couple of weeks. That’s not touring. It’s a piece of cake. You go home every night. It would be civilized.”

The Who’s next album would mark their first in almost a decade, since 2006’s Endless Wire.

Sorry, it’s another work nite for moi…! In good news, I am off Wednesday and Thursday, and altho Suz still has keyboard issues, her new keyboard is on the way…! Please don’t trash the joint and I’ll check in with y’all about 1 am FDL time…!

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