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Good day folks! It’s the end of the week!

International Politics


– While Iran denounced Saudi Arabia’s intervention in Yemen, other Arab states agreed on a joint military force to fight in Yemen

– Saudi Arabia’s ambassador to the U.S. said Iran was supporting the Houthis in Yemen

– Turkey, meanwhile, offered to provide “logistical support” as they support the country’s intervention

– There are mixed signals, on the other hand, from the U.S. on this development

– The United Nations released a report where it was found global asylum applications were the highest in the past two decades

Middle East

A new report by the Palestinian Association for Human Rights found Palestinian refugees living in Lebanon have not seen any improvement in their lives

– Militia groups in Iraq accused the U.S. of hijacking plans to re-take Tikrit from the Islamic State

– The U.N. warned at least 440,000 Syrians are under siege and it may get worse for them

Asia and Oceania

– Prayuth Chan-ocha, the leader of Thailand’s military junta, said he would execute anyone should they refuse to “report the truth.”


An interview with a Russian soldier who talks about his time while in Ukraine and what he saw there

– The Germanwings aircraft that crashed in the Alps was caused by a co-pilot who intentionally decided to do so

Latin America, Caribbean and Canada

– Despite the Canadian government seeking to expand its powers when it comes to terrorism, resistance is now brewing to put a stop to potential draconian acts

Surveillance Planet

– Lee Fang: “Deployment of Controversial Urban Sensor System Aided by Aggressive Lobbying

– The watchdog for the intelligence agency in New Zealand announced an investigation after reading The Intercept’s reporting on mass surveillance of the agency

Financial Matters

– Gallup: Fifty-seven percent of U.S. investors say the Federal Reserve will increase the interest rate in the next year

– Attorney Dimitri Lascaris joins The Real News and focuses on a potential crisis in Greece where the government there is running out of funds

– Imported goods are usually found throughout Iraq due to a mixture of factors ranging from a very decentralized government to an infantile food industry

– Microsoft announced it would force any supplier it works with to provide at 15 days of paid leave for each worker per year

– In response to the Germanwings crash, many airlines announced pilots must be in the cockpit together

Labor’s a-Brewing

– Pew: Despite the Great Recession, there still are undocumented immigrants working low-skilled jobs

– Farmworkers in Mexico are still on strike and the mainstream media can’t even be bothered to cover that

– ALEC, your friendly neighborhood wrecker, now sets its sights on “prevailing wages” laws, which force salaries to go up

– Jesus Garcia, the candidate running for mayor in Chicago, announced he would support $15 per hour

– Turns out slave labor is involved in our seafood, which should be noted is tainted as a result

Politics US

Washington USA

– Journalist Glen Ford joins The Real News and discusses recent comments by President Barack Obama on mandatory voting

– In a vote of 228 to 199, the House of Representatives passed a budget including nearly five trillion dollars cut over the next decade. It now goes to the Senate

– Despite the coal industry’s power waning, they still hold valuable allies in Washington defending their interests

– Laurene Powell-Jobs, a billionaire and widow of Steve Jobs, is tied not only to Hillary Clinton, but Jeb Bush

– A Justice Department report highlighted “sex parties” where DoJ employees could found. One thing found was how such parties were funded by drug cartels

– Sen. John McCain (R-AZ): I think the U.S. must do more than Saudi Arabia in Yemen

– A Navy report found military equipment that was missing turned up on sites like Ebay

Anytown USA

– Democratic Governor Peter Shumlin of Vermont is spear-heading right-wing changes in the state despite being elected by progressives

Hilarious article about a Chicago worker who took a photo with Mayor Rahm Emanuel despite the worker not liking Emanuel; I don’t think anyone does

– In Atlanta, an unarmed black man, who was also a veteran suffering from mental illness, was killed by a police officer. Witnesses say the officer used excessive force as it was literally shoot first, ask questions later.

– Proposition 47 in California, which was passed last year, provides the right step forward in stopping mass incarceration

An explosion in the East Village of Manhattan led to two buildings to be damaged along with at least 19 people injured

– As Bowe Bergdahl speaks about his time in Taliban captivity, there needs to be a challenge to the right-wing narrative on Bergdahl

We Don’t Need No Education

– Faculty at Seattle University are taking a page out of the Fight for 15’s book and demanding higher wages 

The Second Sex

– A bill in Arizona, should it be signed by Governor Doug Ducey, would force doctors to admit abortions are reversible

Planet Earth

– Gallup: Now here’s something: College-educated Republicans are more likely than non-college-educated Republicans to say global warming is exaggerated

– In #1545 of our series of what climate change will bring, “super termites” are now a thing due to interbreeding and, yes, it can be disastrous

– What’s #1546, you say? Well, “mega” icebergs are more frequent in Antarctica nowadays, which spells trouble for the ecosystem there.

– Plus, ice shelves there are melting at such a rapid rate that scientists are surprised; And #1547

– Residents in a Louisiana town persuaded officials from the federal government not to burn military waste

– Residents in small countries, like Vanaudu, are requesting climate reparations should an international agreement be made on climate change

– Noam Chomsky: “Magna Carta Messed Up the World, Here’s How to Fix It

Mixed Bag

Something strange is happening in a town in Kazakhstan where people are falling asleep for days and waking up with memory loss

– Amy Goodman: “The Costs of War, the Price of Peace

Break Time

Roll Me In [Yui Asaka and Mika Sato]

Brandon Jordan

Brandon Jordan

Brandon Jordan is a freelance journalist in Queens, NY and written for publications such as The Nation, In These Times, Truthout and more.