Alice and Jerry book

This was how most children in first grade were introduced to reading and the spotless white middle class world. I was introduced to it with “See Jip jump” from the Alice and Jerry series of books. Which included Skip Along, Day In & Day Out, Down the River Road, Through the Green Gate, If Were Going, Singing Wheels, Engine Whistles and Runaway Home.  They did not pretend to represent in any way how life was at the time we were reading them, their sole intent was to teach how to read and give a bit so social studies, history, geography and humanities.  Lily white intros to middle class America for us post WWII Baby Boomers.

The only other visual depiction I can remember was what was on TV at the time. Various sitcoms and programs my parents liked. The only shows I remember being on that were NOT lily white we Amos n’ Andy and  The Beulah Show. Both of which the NAACP forced off the air because they portrayed blacks in stereotypical rolls.

Interesting enough on both those shows – Amos n’ Andy and  The Beulah Show – the main characters were shown living in fairly nice area and had nice clothes. NOT typical of most blacks at the time.

Also during that time period, radical or extreme behavior of any kind was frowned upon at least and in mist cases not tolerated. I’m guessing that those of my parent’s generation had enough of the insanity of WWI and the depression of the 1930s.  This was one of the biggest complaints of my generation during the mid to late 1960s. The long hair, outrageous clothes and bizarre behavior. Mild compared to anything today.

Another major factor of that time is that it was the first time that a large number of people got to go to college. Previously most did not. They and/or thee families could not afford it.  Both my parents went to college as di the aunt and unle on my mother’s side and my cousins all did as well.

Out of this came the first of many generations of people who were highly educated but were also highly self centered, self involved and sanctimonious.  For some reason they felt the New Deal politics and unions of the parents and grand parents were below them.  A lot of this I think had to do with animosity that was picked up over the Vietnam war and anti-war protest they had been involved in. But unlike the union protest and strikes of the past or even the civil rights protests where those invoked really did risk life and limb for the betterment of all, far too many were involved were just interested in their own behinds no getting shot off.  Once this risk was removed and they had some nice high paying job, all thoughts of changing the status quo were gone.  As Sam Smith observed in this 2010 essay.  The began to .. 

act like prudes and prigs.

act as though Greens were a new kind of HIV.

think you should have to go to grad school to have an important role in government.

Today’s liberals favor expanding health insurance company profits over expanding Medicare and strongly support Democratic presidents who undermine the very programs that earlier liberals created such as social welfare and Social Security.

Prefer a black symbol to anyone of substance.

At the depth of the depression of the 1930s. there were nearly as many people in the communist part as there were in the unions and both had the highest membership ever. Just ask Professor Richard Wolff.  

How many of these “Liberals” hate their job, their company, their sadistic supervisors but lack the conviction and nerve to tell them all to go to hell and back it up physically if necessary. Instead driving themselves and everyone around them insane by hanging on to the anger and rage and depression.  Because they are afraid of loosing their precious toys. Licking the asses of the powers that be just to keep their Mercedes, yet blaming those they believe them  for all their problems. And recoil at any thought of taking substantive actions.

Most of the “New Left” these days look at socialism and communism and people like Lucy Parsons with derision and contempt, while watching drivel on their 48″ TV in their gated communities and driving the latest BMW. They complain about people who use tobacco or eat meat or the banks or whatever safe cause they come up with. One that does not pose a threat to their nice comfy life style.

And they LOVE the right wing despite their comments to the contrary. Because as long as the right appears completely off the rails, the do not have to be any more activist that post a twitter comment.

They say they want national health but has any of this “New Left” ever suggested a sit in or occupation of a hospital ?  The say they hate the banks but has any of them thought of occupying one ? How about the student loan scandal ?

Posting on twitter or clicking an only petition is nothing.  Lucy Parsons nonviolent actions are what is necessary but these college educated “New Left” would never go for it.  They might miss their Alaska vacation.

Yes we have come a long way since I was a kid and all in the wrong direction.