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Over Easy: Monday Science


First, the photo shown here has absolutely NOTHING to do with the post, I’m simply introducing those who care to the latest member of House Boxturtle. No matter how big the photo makes her look, the cats outweigh her by 2x. The vet is “pretty sure” she’s a dog, but just to be safe we do not feed her after midnight.

The first results from the Muon detector at Fukushima #1 are in. Bottom line:  There is almost NO fuel left in the reaction vessel. The detector cannot locate things that are below it. I dunno how deep they can safely dig, but to see the fuel they gotta get below it. This matches what I (and the real experts, which I am not) have been saying. Available data makes me pretty confident that most of the corium in #1 is in the torus, which this positioning would not be able to detect.

And this just released: The government model for JUST ONE fission product shows that 10 BILLION times the normal level was detected in Tokyo just after the accident. Nice of them to tell us now, after all those people were just wandering through it.

Slightly radioactive tea found in Hong Kong.

And a study finds that US media consistently downplayed the impact of 3/11. Color me shocked.

Remember when Saccharin used to be considered a possible carcinogen?  Now they’re looking at it as a pathway to cancer drugs!

There are enough heavy metals in human poop to make it possibly worthwhile to process and recover. What the hell are we eating?!?

Squid are helping our soldiers be invisible. They’ve developed specail patches to stick on camo uniforms that should give the soldiers the same camo protection in the IR range.

This time when the LHC runs, they’re actually expecting mini black holes to be created. If they find them, it’ll prove the existence of extra dimensions and tell us  quite a lot about them.

We now have a probe around Ceres, the largest member of the asteroid belt. It’s actually turning out to be a very interesting place, not just a ball of rock!

We also have probe approaching Pluto. And we’re busy deciding where to send it next!

Men are pigs. Here’s part of the evolution theory explaining why we men prefer spines with 45 degree curvature. And you thought it was all about breasts!

A graviton is a “particle” of Gravity. There is much debate as to if they even exist. New research has shown it may be possible to use superconductors to detect them if they do exist.

Radioactive Maxi-Pads detected and confiscated in Lebanon. Challenge: Who can come up with the most tasteless joke about that?

Boxturtle (Well, it’s one way to save money on waxing I suppose)



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