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Long week ahead of me. Two midterms on Tuesday and one will certainly eat a lot of my time. That explains why I’m not so active in the comment section (although I haven’t been so in the past few weeks).

Still I’ll revisit all the recommendations given to me and add them to this week. Thanks again and keep sending them!

International Politics


– CIA Director John Brennan: Iran is now complicating our mission in Iraq by training Iraqi forces

– Meanwhile, Brennan said, even if Iran decided to opt out of talks, the U.S. would still be able to stop Iran from developing nuclear weapons

– The United Nations Security Council warned “further measures” would be made should fighting not stop in Yemen

– Russia warned Denmark it would aim its nuclear missiles at the country’s ships should they decide to join NATO’s missile defense system

Middle East

– Max Blumenthal: “Paranoid Benjamin Netanyahu Prepares For His Last Stand

– Shiite rebels in Yemen, supporting former President Ali Abdullah Saleh, took the city of Taiz, the third-largest in the country

– As the U.N. warns Yemen may turn into a Libya or Iraq type of situation, the leader of the Houthi movement in the country feared the country may slip into chaos like Libya

– The U.S. and its allies fired at least nine air strikes against Islamic State militants in Iraq and Syria

– The head of a Shiite militia in Iraq criticized “weaklings” in the army who wanted air strikes against ISIS

– Israeli authorities arrested six individuals they say were a part of Hamas and were planning attack against Israel

Asia and Oceania

– Pakistani troops clashed with militias in northwestern Pakistan and authorities say at least 80 militants were killed


– U.N. official say, despite chaos in Libya, groups in Libya are still negotiating in peace talks


– Professor Vincent Navarro joins The Real News to discuss how Podemos came into being and the conditions of the Spanish economy in the past two decades

– Meanwhile, in Madrid, thousands demonstrated against austerity in a “march against dignity

– Activists in Ireland are applying pressure to the government there in revealing the nation’s ties to the U.S. torture program

– In the first round of French local elections, the conservatives are in first place followed by the far-right National Front and then the socialists

– Speaking of the far-right, far-right politicians in Europe met in Russia to show support for Russian President Vladimir Putin

Latin America, Caribbean and Canada

– Nicolas Maduro: “Venezuela is Not a Threat

An interview with author and writer George Ciccariello-Maher about the real issues in Venezuela and the role of the U.S.

– It was thanks to the free market policies pushed by the U.S. that allowed the drug war in Mexico to grow

Surveillance Planet

– Turns out New Zealand spied on applicants who sought out the top position at the World Trade Organizaiton

Financial Matters

– Amy Goodman: “Flush the Trans-Pacific Partnership

– An interview with journalist Tariq Ali about capitalism, democracy and resistance nowadays against neoliberal

– Realizing their image in Europe could be better, Uber went on a hiring blitz to ensure its reputation would be high

– Saudi Arabia’s oil minister denied there was a conspiracy to keep OPEC oil production at current levels

– The introduction of apps in the lives of Palestinians should be met with suspicion considering the lack of apps to truly liberate them from oppression

– The situation is so desperate in California in terms of the drought that start-ups are being turned to for solutions

– The International Monetary Fund President Christine Laguarde said the IMF would be glad to work with the Chinese-led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank

– A judge in Brazil agreed to file charges against 11 companies accused of colluding with each other to raising prices on construction and upkeep

Politics US

Washington USA

– The Jewish Voice for Peace conference showed how it would be possible to create a sense of solidarity between Palestinians and Israeli dissenters

– Now Republicans are siding with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the war of words between Tel Aviv and Washington

– Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-OK) denies climate change. Inhofe also accepts money from BP. Surely no conflict of interest there!

– President Obama may end up deciding to walk away from his plan on withdrawing from Afghanistan

Anytown USA

A new report by the ACLU in Maryland found African Americans were more likely to be killed by officers in Baltimore and usually such cops are not charged

– Dayvon Love, director of research and public policy for Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle, on organizing against police brutality in Maryland

We Don’t Need No Education

– President Obama: Compensation given to college athletes would “ruin the sense of college sports.”

Planet Earth

– If there is anything to take note of in Ukraine, then it is nuclear reactors, including the one at Chernobyl, as anything that happens to them may result in catastrophe

– Don’t be fooled by the new “data trespass” law in Wyoming as it is essential an ag-gag law

– While the Department of Interior enacted some measures to protect water, there is controversy from oil companies and environmentalists on the regulations

– There is just so much oil out there and the market will fail in moving away from our over-consumption of energy. Thus, we would need a massive overhaul of the way we process energy

– Countries promised to ensure the survival of endangered animals throughout Africa, who are threatened by poachers. Most are failing in this venture

– A village in India is now able to get enough drinking water without walking far as a result of solar technology donated by a foundation

Mixed Bag

– Listen, there’s still some time left to enjoy yourself before 2016 rolls around with the Hillary v. Jeb talk. Enjoy it now

– A fitting tribute to Danny Schechter, a journalist other journalists should look up to and learn from

– Scientists found fossils of an enormously large crocodile that walked on two legs and lived before the dinosaurs arrived

Break Time

Le Moribond [Jacques Brel]

Brandon Jordan

Brandon Jordan

Brandon Jordan is a freelance journalist in Queens, NY and written for publications such as The Nation, In These Times, Truthout and more.