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Over Easy: Monday Science

At warGreetings!

Well, the Over Easy Diner was closed for cleaning last night…and FDL currently needs a lot of cleaning!

Still, we shall persevere. And since I have admin powers (well, mostly), I get to pick what we shall talk about.

So let us talk about the LEFT’s war on science. Yes, I typed LEFT. Stopped you for a second, didn’t it? Normally, you see things like that from the right.

But we have our guilts as well.

First, not all GMO are bad!

Apples have been modified not to turn brown due to mechanical damage. This will enable much larger portions of the crops to be usable after harvesting and processing. This was achieved by silencing a gene, rather than adding one.

Canola has been altered to reduce the amount of phosphorous in animal feces. This will really help with agriculture runoff and possibly reduce the dead zones that runoff creates.

Melons and tomatoes have been modified to delay ripening, thus enabling them to travel farther before spoiling.

Carrots have been modified to produce more Vitamin A.

Rice has been modified to include more vitamin A and to grow under a wider range of conditions, opening up large areas for cultivation.

Sugarcane has been modified to tolerate drought.

Yes, yes, I know there ARE bad GMOs. But I’m focusing on the good GMOs here.

Let’s look at energy.

The left is the source for almost all the anti-energy work, other than the Kochs fighting against anything non-carbon. We don’t like nuclear because of the waste. We don’t like carbon because of the waste. But we don’t like dams because they screw up the ecosystem. Yet dams are the lest impacting source of power generation we have. We don’t like wind, because of the impact to migrating birds. We don’t even like solar, because of the nasty stuff used during manufacture and the exploited workers. We need to accept that if we want electricity, we’re gonna have to pay the price. What price is cheapest?

The anti-vax movement is as strong on the left as it is on the right. While the right worries about religious freedom, the left worries about low probability side effects and the possibility that we’re being lied to about the severity and frequency of the side effects.

The left is hung up on equality of the sexes to the point where we simply won’t acknowledge that males and females are DIFFERENT. We whine that women are overrepresented in some professions and underrepresented in others, without considering that maybe the sexes like to do different things. I’d HATE the job of day care of kids, while my wife really thinks she’d enjoy it, for example. Research shows that we’re really wired differently, but the left still thinks women should be more represented in the “male” professions. My neighbor is forcing his daughter into an engineering course of study. SHE wants to catch a good husband and raise children. I can only imagine what my parents would have thought if I’d told them I wanted to be a professional chef, rather than a scientist/engineer. Boys just don’t DO that!

Science is neutral. The data is what it is. The results are what they are. Interpretations of them are frequently colored by pre-existing bias, but that’s the human part of science. And it’s why peer review exists.

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