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Once again, the roundup for this week will include only non-Anglo-American songs. Got exciting songs planned!

International Politics


– Robert Naiman, policy director of Just Foreign Policy, talks with The Real News about the international negotiations with Iran and the question of sanctions

– Secretary of State John Kerry: Talks are still ongoing with Iran, but there are still “important gaps.” Moreover, Kerry said issues were political.

– As Kerry said the U.S. must negotiate with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad for a peaceful transition, British officials say Assad “has no place in Syria’s future.”

Middle East

– Israel reportedly aids al-Qaeda militants and Nusra Front fighters by giving medical treatment; It does come from a mainstream source, although it still is really significant

– Will the new elections bring a major change in terms of the occupation of Palestine? No, not in the slightest.

– Thousands of Israelis demonstrated in support of the right-wing in the country. Meanwhile, the right-wing, ahead of the elections, are trying to get settlers to vote for them.

– Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu: “Stop a left-wing government from coming into power

– A former hostage of the Islamic State said the group in Syria created quasi-Guantanamo place for prisoners

– Iraqi officials said they arrested 31 members of ISIL allegedly planning terrorist attacks across the country

– Iraqi Vice President Nouri al-Maliki: We need American support to make Iraq stable due to current threats

Asia and Oceania

– China said the U.S. had a “pirate-style sense of insecurity” after they criticized China’s presence in the South China Sea

– Good news out of Australia where the right-wing is losing its power because citizens are angry with the government’s policies

– Pakistan decided not to join Saudi Arabia in its Sunni alliance against Iran


– A bomb went off in Cairo, Egypt, where a man and a donkey were killed as a result

– Libya, once a topic dominating mainstream media in 2011, is now barely talked about


Part two of two with Aleksandr Buzgalin, a professor, who explains the contradictions in Russian politics along with the persistent economic woes in the country

– Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko admitted the $17.5 billion loan by IMF is not for citizens, but to help fund the fight in the east, who allegedly are violating the ceasefire.

– Russian President Vladimir Putin: We will put our nuclear weapons on standby should things escalate in Ukraine

– Professor Leo Panitch and attorney Dimitri Lascaris join The Real News discuss the Syriza’s latest deal and whether the coalition made a wise decision.

Latin America, Caribbean and Canada

– In a separate interview, they also talk about national security and energy in Canadian politics

– It is safe to say the colonies under U.S. possession are best described as territories suffering from neglect and racism

– Military exercises are underway in Venezuela due to recent tensions with the U.S.

– Meanwhile, South American nations criticized the Obama administration’s declaration that Venezuela constitutes a national security threat to the U.S.

– The case of Alberto Nisman, the Argentinian prosecutor found dead in his home, gets stranger when considering the history of Nisman

– Lawmakers in Venezuela gave President Nicolas Maduro more executive powers in response to recent U.S. actions

– Hundreds of thousands (Reuters says more than one milliondemonstrated in Brazil against the Workers’ Party; Although, to be fair, they overall confused as it was a mix of right-wingers and left-wingers

– The new government in Uruguay is hesitant to provide the same support given to Venezuela as it was under Jose Mujica; Keep in mind the new government is from the same party as Mujica

Financial Matters

An interview with economist and Greek MP Costas Lapavitsas on the recent deal between Europe and Greece along with the necessity of Keynesianism as a pragmatic choice for Marxists

– Economist Michael Roberts disagrees with Lapavitsas’ interpretation of events and believes Keynesianism is not the best solution.

– The Real News covers testimony by Professor Mark Blyte in front of the Senate Budget Committee on the necessity of getting more tax revenue

– The head of a bank in Andorra was arrested over allegations of money laundering for international groups in China, Russia and Venezuela

– Professor William Black joins The Real News to talk about the latest plans European officials have in the works, including quantitative easing

– Egypt will receive $36.2 billion in investments from international institutions and other groups at the end of a three-day conference

– Sam Knight: “Former White House Economists Urge Congress To Pass Key TPP Bill, Fail to Disclose Corporate Ties

Labor’s a-Brewing

– The AFL-CIO announced a new commission to look into the “ugly history of racism” in labor history and the lessons for workers today

– A labor leader in Bangladesh was arrested in New Jersey for allegedly trespassing. She was just delivering a letter to executives of a company.

Politics US

Washington USA

– Malcolm X once talked about the “sellouts” at the 1963 March on Washington. Such a term is appropriate for President Barack Obama after his appearance at Selma.

– The Department of Housing and Urban Development is supposed to give ex-criminals second chances. In reality, they do not.

– The Pentagon declined to allow an investigator from the United Nations to look into Guantanamo Bay

– Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX): I definitely believe money is speech so make it unlimited; I love exaggerating for humor sometimes, but I’m not this time

– Officials from the White House warned members of Congress not to interfere with the P5+1-Iran negotiations

Anytown USA

Part four of four with journalist Glen Ford on how new leadership for the black community needs to be made in today’s environment

Part one with activist Tom Porter about his upbringing and the radical history of the civil rights movement

– An interview with professor Robin DeAngelo about “white fragility,” a concept she created when whites become resistant to discussing racial issues,  and race

– A 20-year-old was arrested in connection with the shooting of the two officers in Ferguson. Authorities, however, say he may have not intentionally fired at the officers but at someone else.

The Second Sex

– Women in the Palestinian Liberation Organization are pushing for more women in power, while little is changing in Hamas

Planet Earth

– A NASA scientists warned residents of California there is only one year left of adequate water supply.

– Thousands of Algerians demonstrated against shale gas drilling and its potential environmental consequences

An interview with author Michael Tennesen on what life on Earth may be like after the extinction of humans

– Officials in Oklahoma would agree hydrofracking is linked to earthquakes in the state, but, after meeting with oil and gas companies, they don’t think there’s a connection

– With the recent incidents of trains carrying crude oil exploding, what does the rail industry think about new regulations? Turns out they don’t want any.

Mixed Bag

– There are some efforts in Manhattan to protect stores with a history in the borough as high rental costs continue to close some places down

A tragic look into the changing landscape for workers in Japan who, because of their part-time jobs, now live in small spaces in internet cafes

– Russian President Vladimir Putin had the flu. He did not die. He did not go to some secret place. He had the flu. Journalists should do their job instead of being gossip pseudo-reporters.

Break Time

Like A Lovesong (Back to Back) [the pillows]

Brandon Jordan

Brandon Jordan

Brandon Jordan is a freelance journalist in Queens, NY and written for publications such as The Nation, In These Times, Truthout and more.