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The Roundup for March 13th, 2015

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It’s the end of the week. How was it for you?

International Politics


– One positive development for Venezuela is the rise of Syriza in Greece, a valuable ally for the country

– Gallup: Americans overwhelmingly favor Canada and Great Britain, while they dislike North Korea and Iran

– Secretary of State John Kerry: The U.S. is “committed” to the economic reforms made by Egypt

– UNICEF recommended countries negotiate with the Islamic State in order to help children suffering in the region

– Officials in Europe are concerned the letter signed by 47 Republicans to Iran made talks more difficult

– Russia called American concerns on its presence in Vietnam, especially at a former American base, “puzzling

Middle East

– For the Islamic State, Saudi Arabia is just one target in its plans for domination

– Should another Israeli party come into power, their first major task is to improve the country’s image with allies

– At least 100 Palestinians protested in the West Bank against Israeli policies and Israeli soldiers fired at the demonstrations. One person was wounded.

Asia and Oceania

– Gallup: Sixty-three percent of Indians approve of the country’s leadership

– Pakistan called the construction of the first drone a “great national achievement


Interesting insight from a member of Syriza’s central committee on the next steps of the party

– Not much changed in Crimea since its incorporation into Russia, although Russian nationalism is strong to the point where it is rooting out Ukrainian influences

– Swedish prosecutors involved in Julian Assange’s case said they could travel to London over the allegations against him

Latin America, Caribbean and Canada

– Marcy Wheeler: “‘A new degree of pettiness’: Why is the U.S. really sanctioning Venezuela?

– Spainish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy: Venezuela must release the mayor of Caracas “immediately

Surveillance Planet

– There’s money to be made in surveillance through programs like Google or Facebook and that is disturbing

– Glenn Greenwald: “The Orwellian Re-Branding of ‘Mass Surveillance’ as Merely ‘Bulk Collection’

– CIA Director John Brennan believes social media amplifies the threat of terrorism; Suuurreee

Financial Matters

– The Real News covers the five things Trans-Pacific Partnership can harm; Of course they are more

– Selling water in bottles is, strangely, an industry doing very well. I say strangely because tap water, something the industry does not like, is a free alternative often not used

– Privatization now is coming to public housing and, as expected, there will be major consequences for residents

– The International Energy Agency believes oil prices will fall even more due to an oversupply. It may even cause more instability in some country.

– European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker: Talks with Greece are slow at the moment and need to speed up

– Iran and Yemen announced a new deal that will see Iranian oil be sent to Yemen

– France’s financial prosecutor called for a trial against HSBC for tax evasion; Let’s hope that comes

– Russia announced it would cut its interest rate from 15 percent to 14 percent as things become stable

Labor’s a-Brewing

– StudentsFirst is now launching an astroturf campaign to get folks to challenge teacher unions in states

– Sex workers in California sued the state over a law they say violates rights of individuals and is unconstitutional

– Because teachers in Los Angeles are unable to reach a deal with city negotiators for a new contract, they may strike

Politics US

Washington USA

– Gallup: Blacks under the age of 34 and over the age of 65 have a lower well-being than other ethnicities

– Glen Ford: “Obama’s Selma Song: America Is Not Racist – It’s Just Ferguson

– President Barack Obama: I am embarrassed to hear about the 47 Republicans Senators who sent a letter to Iran

– Obama also said the shootings at Ferguson against the two officers were “criminal acts.”

– Sam Sacks: “GOP Senators Threaten to Break Ranks On Budget, Endorse Gimmick to Increase Defense Spending

Anytown USA

– Journalist Charlotte Silver joins The Real News to discuss the case of Rasmea Odeh, recently sentenced to 18 months in prison and will be deported after her sentence

– Ali Abunimah: “Judge sentences Rasmea Odeh, insisting case is not ‘political’

– Amy Goodman: “In Selma, Memories of Bloody Sunday Spur Action Today

Part three of four with journalism Glen Ford who explains how policies like the War on Drugs were a reaction by the government in the 1970s

– The shootings of two police officers in Ferguson are now being tied to the overall protest for justice. What a shameless tactic

Excellent piece by Dave Zirin on the role sports players currently have in the Black Lives Matter protests

– A lawmaker in Illinois threatened the citizens of Chicago to vote for Rahm Emanuel for mayor or else the city would become “the next Detroit.” This threat was not covered in major outlets

– Decades ago, teenager was sentenced in Nevada to prison for committing a murder. She was charged because of a rumor.

We Don’t Need No Education

– It may be time to put our foot down and say good-bye to fraternities considering how exclusionary and reactionary they are

Health, Hunger and Homelessness

– The Syrian Civil War is causing mental illness, including depression, for many citizens

– The National Institute of Health said an American health care worker is receiving treatment after being diagnosed with Ebola

The Second Sex

– When dealing with the issue of abortion, it is possible to help both women and gender-non-conforming people

– In Sweden, a 27-year-old man was found not guilty for raping a 13-year-old girl because the girl’s body was “fully developed

– Jessica Valenti: “Feminists don’t hate men. But it wouldn’t matter if we did

Planet Earth

– David Sirota: “The Ugly Truth Behind Chris Christie’s Sweetheart Deal with Exxon

– Carbon emissions did not rise in the previous year, according to the International Energy Agency; Although, as a link yesterday showed, climate change will accelerate in the future

New research found toxic algae are multiplying at a rapid rate thanks to fertilizers and climate change

– There needs to be a renewed fight against environmental racism to help people of color get the justice they deserve

– The renewable energy system is growing at such a rapid rate that even U.S. Energy Information Administration didn’t expect it

Mixed Bag

Part four of four with attorney Kamau Franklin on the relationship between community organizing and electoral politics

– At the New York Police Department headquarters, someone or some individuals are editing pages on Wikipedia related to Eric Garner, stop-and-frisk and more

– Cobra Commander was given the keys to Springfield, Ill., which actually happened

Break Time

Don’t Fear The Reaper [Blue Oyster Cult]

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