Iraqis don’t need the US to provide them security, says scholar and activist Vijay Prashad

by Common Dreams

In an interview with the Real News Network, professor, author, and activist Vijay Prashad examines the rising power of Iran and the declining influence of the United States in war-torn Iraq.

“The Iraqis are, as it were, standing up,” said Prashad. “I think an Iraqi could turn around now and say, this is our fight, and we have asked the neighboring country to join us. We don’t need the United States at this point to give us assistance.”

Prashad argues that “the United States need not be the sort of last resort for providing security.”

However, he warns against framing efforts to provide security and safety from ISIS in ethnic-religious terms.

Prashad argues, “It’s very important, I think, for the region to look at this in a much more broadly post-sectarian way, rather than to allow security to become a sectarian matter.”


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