Issues Under Fire: Netanyahu Under Fire, Israelis Protest for Change
Watching thirty thousand strong take to the streets protesting against another term for Benjamin Netanyahu gave the world hope this weekend. With the stakes so high, many centrist and center left voices made their feelings known chanting ” Bibi you’ve failed, go home.” Having Meir Dagan, former Mossad chief as the protest rally’s keynote speaker publicly denouncing Benjamin Netanyahu’s policies buoyed the hopes of those seeking a new direction.
Mr. Dagan, calling Benjamin Netanyahu, “the person who caused the greatest strategic damage to Israel” will surely lessen the Prime Minister’s chances for reelection. Stating, “For six years, Mr Benjamin Netanyahu has been serving as prime minister. Now it has been six years in which Israel has never been more stuck,”.
Degan went on to accuse Netanyahu of complete failure in dealing with Iran and forfeiting Israel’s interests for the sake of his own political survival by not pushing for a peace deal with the Palestinians. “In six years he has not lead one real move to change the region and to create a better future.” Damming words from a respected voice who has as much concern for Israeli security as Netanyahu does.
By challenging Netanyahu’s shtick as the only one who can keep Israel safe from Hamas, Hezbollah and Iran, some Israelis are now seeking a new approach, a fresh narrative and a clear vision for the future of Israel, that includes more than just fear and isolation. If one considers how little the Prime Minister has focused on the many domestic concerns Israelis have in their daily lives, it is difficult to see what, if anything Natanyahu has delivered during his six year tenure.
The Netanyahu narrative that’s kept Israel on a constant war footing with the Palestinians, while being told the tiny nation could be facing total nuclear annihilation at anytime from the Iranians must be wearing thin by now. One has to ask oneself, if Israelis have finally had enough of living behind huge walls, taking refuge beneath an Iron Dome or cowering in bomb shelters, while the world’s opinion of Israel sinks to new lows daily.
Israelis needs solid solutions to solve serious issues both domestically and internationally and they need those solutions now. Unfortunately, Benjamin Netanyahu’s history of relying on raging Right wing rhetoric to govern domestically by fear mongering and internationally by warmongering, has him pigeonholed as a one trick pony.
Bottom line: With nothing else to sell but preparations for eternal conflict, another term of Benjamin Netanyahu can only bring eternal instability to the region and hostility toward the Israeli people. Podcast Below!