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The Weekend Roundup for March 7-8th, 2015

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It’s International Women’s Day everybody!

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International Politics


– U.S. General Martin Dempsey believed more air strikes against the Islamic State would not be a good idea

– President Barack Obama: If we are given a bad deal with Iran, then we will walk away

– The U.S. and India will discuss weapons in outer space in talks next week in the latter

Middle East

– Sure ISIS is a brutal, relentless force, but we cannot forget the authoritarian features of the Assad government in Syria

– The Obama administration pledged to defend Syrian rebels, trained of course, against ISIL

– More and more civilians living in Iraq are deciding to pick up arms in the fight against ISIS as society becomes more militarized

– Meanwhile, Iraqi soldiers and militia groups captured parts of Tikrit from ISIS militants

Even the challenger to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu calls to Israeli isolation to end

– Meanwhile, tens of thousands marched in Tel Aviv calling for Netanyahu to be replaced

A new study found Saudi Arabia imported the most weapons last year as a result of instability in the Middle East

– Gareth Porter: “Israel’s Long History of Gaming the Iranian ‘Threat’

– Netanyahu said it would not be likely for Israel to give any territory to Palestinians due to recent in the region

Asia and Oceania

– The Malaysian government pledged to continue efforts in finding the missing MH370 plane


– It is difficult to call Libya a nation considering cities are so disconnected that some citizens are unable to travel to different parts of the country


– The left is succeeding in Europe through parties like Syriza and Podemos, but it can learn more on strategy by seeing what the left in Latin America did.

– A European Union official called for a unified army to ensure it means business, especially to Russia

– Authorities charged two individuals for the death of Boris Nemtsov, although more may be charged

– British Foreign Minister Philip Hammond believed Russian President Vladimir Putin was still focused on Ukraine

– French Prime Minister Manuel Valls admitted Marine Le Pen could become the next president and that scares him

Latin America, Caribbean and Canada

– Venezuela announced a new finger scanner to ensure hoarding does not occur in supermarkets

– Authorities in Mexico arrested 14 police officers on charges of kidnapping and extortion

Surveillance Planet

– David Sirota: “Technology Does Not Guarantee Transparency

– Thanks to documents by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, we now know where and how New Zealand’s intelligence bureau conducts their work

– Major changes are coming to the CIA as a result of Director John Brennan although more spying will take place

– Sam Knight: “Corruption Probe Shows Snowden Critic Senator Takes Privacy Rights Seriously When They’re His Own

Financial Matters

An interview with economist Ha-Joon Chang about the Latin American region and the role economics played and is playing there.

– Wealth real estate figures in Syria are taking advantage of the civil war in the country by jacking up the prices of houses despite many civilians unable to pay

– Strange isn’t it? The dollar, the currency used for everyday transactions, can be a very powerful tool to advance imperial interests worldwide.

– While China may be facing economic slowdown, its trade surplus last month broke a new record

– Economist Richard Wolff joins The Real News to talk about the new changes to the economy and why there is no recovery for the working class

Labor’s a-Brewing

A very depressing article focusing on the case of one man who had much of his critical support taken away after the passage of a Californian law on workers’ compensation in 2009

– Michelle Chen: “The University of Tennessee Is Being Lauded as a Higher-Ed Role Model—Just Not for Its Workers

Politics US

Washington USA

– Thousands of citizens marched to honor those killed during “Bloody Sunday” in Selma 50 years ago

– President Obama and Attorney Genera Eric Holder gave talks on the important of race and democracy in Selma today

– Fifty years after Selma, there are still problems from the past, but there are also new challenges citizens today must confront head on

– Jason Leopold: “Here Is the State Department’s First ‘Official’ Release of a Hillary Clinton Email

– John Kiriakou sits down with journalist Ken Klippenstein in this interview about his time in prison and the need for changes to the prison system

– Lawmakers in Congress said there were “huge gaps” in Hillary Clinton’s emails regarding Benghazi

Anytown USA

– The problem of incarceration is not a simple issue where we can decide this or that reform. Rather, the issue is a part of a larger structure where we must ultimately decide to dismantle and implement a new, effective system helpful for all.

– Asian activists are calling for unity between Asian and black communities in fighting in the Black Lives Matter movement

– Corey Robin: “The 1 percent’s white privilege con: Elites hold ‘conversations’ about race, while resegregating our schools

Health, Hunger and Homelessness

– Food coloring can be found in common products any American consumer buys, although the major issue with it is how toxic such coloring can be

– Tobacco companies have found a new customer to help them bounce back: Millennials.

The Second Sex

– All this talk of men “leaning in” to help women avoids the important economic issues plaguing millions of Americans today

– It is true Algeria passed a law on domestic violence, although such a law is flawed to begin with

– Let us go back in time to 1913 to read a vital article by Alexandra Kollontai, a revolutionary in Russia, on the meaning of International Women’s Day.

– We must not forget the role capitalism played in oppressing women in Africa and using them for imperialist purposes

– Professor Priyamvada Gopal joins The Real News to talk about the issue of rape in India and the problems not talked about in Indian society

Planet Earth

– Remember when Denton, Texas decided to ban fracking from taking place in their city? The state’s GOP sure remembers and wants to ensure no other city does the same.

– As we look at an uncertain future where environmental destruction may occur on an unprecedented scale, we cannot help feel the illegitimate elites in power are oblivious to the path they help create.

– All employees of Florida’s Department of Environmental Protection were barred from using climate change or global warming in any report they issue.

Mixed Bag

Part two of four with attorney Kamau Franklin on the highs and lows of Malcolm X during his lifetime

New research found parents who experience highly traumatic events can pass it along to their children

Break Time

Ladies First [Queen Latifah]

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