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The Roundup for March 5th, 2015

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Hey there folks! End of the week!

International Politics


– Secretary of State John Kerry reassured allies in the Gulf on a deal with Iran as he said no grand bargain would be reached

– The U.S. is drafting a United Nations resolution to condemn the use of chemical warfare in Syria. Who is using such chemicals? Uh…well…they don’t know

Middle East

– To prevent Iraqi soldiers from capturing Tikrit, Islamic State militants lit oil on fire

– ISIS, meanwhile, destroyed an archaeology site in northern Iraq with more, I assume, on the way

– Moreover, attacks across the country by ISIL led to the deaths of at least 16 people

– After arguing money from drug smuggling entered Iranian politics, an Iranian official later retracted his claims

– The chief of al-Nusra Front in Syria was killed in an air strike in the country


– Libya announced 11 oil fields would not be in operation due to attacks by forces tied to the Islamic State


– Attorney Dimitri Lascaris talks to The Real News about the difficulties Greece will face in the next few months should nothing major be done

– A Polish official said a strong Ukrainian military can bring stability to the country and help Europe

Latin America, Caribbean and Canada

– Be very cautious with mainstream media coverage of Venezuela, especially with what is currently happening in the country

– Indigenous folks in Peru won in court against Occidental Petroleum over the latter’s pollution

– An independent report found Alberto Nisman, the independent prosecutor found dead in Argentina, was murdered

– Sure, Mexico may be arresting the heads of drug cartels in the country. But this does not mean violence is slowing down

Surveillance Planet

– Thanks to the Obama administration, major tech firms can decide what our privacy rights can be; Yes! Finally, these oppressed companies got the Hope and Change they bargained for

Financial Matters

– Although it is obvious, it is worth saying how damaging it will be if the postal service is privatized

– Citigroup owes 23,000 people $20 million in total. Will they pay it? Ha, that’s a good one

– To prevent inflation in the country, Brazil announced it would raise its interest rates

Labor’s a-Brewing

– Gallup: Federal employees are more likely than non-federal employees to report they are “thriving

– Dave Zirin: “Defeat: Major League Soccer Players Union Scores an Own Goal

Politics US

Washington USA

– Journalist Rania Khalek joins The Real News to explain why Democrats, while some criticize Netanyahu, gladly stand by Israel

– It is worth examining the King v. Burwell case in front of the Supreme Court as it holds major consequences for health care

– After glitter bombing a lawmaker who is against abortion, pro-choice activists are under FBI investigation

– Marcy Wheeler: “America’s real secret revealed: Clinton, Petraeus & how elites protect their legacies

An interview with anthropologist David Graeber about his new book on bureaucracy and how it affects life

– It can be fair to say, across the U.S., there are policies discriminating against blacks to make revenues for cities

– Progressives in Congress believe, after the net neutrality victory, they can stop passage of the Trans-Pacific Partnership

Anytown USA

Part one of four with attorney Kamau Franklin about his upbringing while living in Brooklyn in the late 1960s and early 1970s

– Rahm Emanuel met with some members of the community in a private meeting and became very hostile with them to the point where he said “You will respect me”

– At LaGuardia Airport in New York City, an airplane slid off the runway and crashed into a gate. No injuries were reported.

– It certainly is fair to say black people are not wrong in not calling the police considering society’s casting of them as the “other

– Another crude-oil-by-train derailed in Illinois and caught on fire. No injuries were reported.

We Don’t Need No Education

– Michelle Chen: “The GED Is Now Harder to Take—And Harder to Pass

The Second Sex

– There are many things that can be done to help women and ending mass incarceration is one of them

– The International Labour Organization warned the gender pay gap would last for 70 years

– The suicide rate for women in the U.S. is rising at an alarmingly higher rate compared to men

Planet Earth

– Thanks to an inconsiderate rich family in Florida, the Everglades in the state are in danger of being ruined

– A new study finds, if you take into account social and environmental factors, gas prices are actually higher than they are now

– Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus announced elephants would no longer be used in performances starting in 2018

– The drought in California is bad, but, with climate change, it will get worse

– Another issue to thank climate change for is how Greenland is melting at such historic rates

– El Nino is here, but is weaker than expected and that may pose a problem for those on the West Coast

– The White House decided not to introduce measures to regulate trains carrying crude oil and felt states, like North Dakota, could handle that

– The European Union will create laws regulating air pollution. Although, coal lobbyists are helping craft them

Mixed Bag

– Pew: Seventy percent of Americans, in general, rate Pope Francis favorably

Excellent point from comedian Russell Brand on how isolation explains the decision of Westerners to leave to join ISIS

– Good news out of our judicial system where a court ruled the Army must recognize Chelsea Manning as a woman

– Scientists at NASA say there once was a massive ocean covering half of Mars, which makes the prospective of extraterrestrial life more likely

Break Time

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