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International Politics


– Journalist Chris Hedges talks with Tariq Ali on the prospects of revolution against a dead system

– President Barack Obama: Iran should delay its nuclear program for 10 years in order for an international deal to be made

– In addition, Obama cited the death of Boris Nemtsov as an instance where dissenters feel threatened; The pot calls the kettle black

– Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu: Ties with the U.S. are strong despite the potential agreement between Iran and P5+1

– Secretary of State John Kerry defended the human rights record of Israel at the Human Rights Council

Middle East

Part two of two with Pernille Ironside, an official with UNICEF, on the crises in Gaza and what the Palestinian Authority can do

– Juan Cole: “Netanyahu’s Clash With Obama ‘Intolerable,’ Risks End of U.S., U.N. Veto, Says Former Mossad Head

– Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif: The West should ask itself why it produces extremists it later fights

– A U.S. official said the country would “protect” Syrian rebels once they are fully trained and armed

– Director of National Intelligence James Clapper believed donations to the Islamic State would fall after the recent execution videos

– The Iraqi military took over some territory from ISIS in successful battles

– There’s an American behind held in Yemen, although the U.S. does not seem to care at all


– In what is eerily reminiscent of the U.S., a terrorism law in Egypt may potentially be used against dissenters and human rights groups

– Bombs went off in Cairo where two people were killed as a result of the bombings

– It’s official: General Khalifa Haftar will be the new army chief of the eastern Libyan government


– Glenn Greenwald: “UK Media Regulator Again Threatens RT for ‘Bias’: This Time, Airing ‘Anti-Western Views’

Latin America, Caribbean and Canada

– It is tragic how libertarian politics assist in hurting Honduras as such politics do not work

– The Venezuelan government warned the U.S. to reduce its embassy staff from 100 to 17 to balance the 17 Venezuelan diplomats in the U.S.

Excellent analysis by Greg Grandin about the real situation in Venezuela and what the way forward is

Surveillance Planet

– Nina Pham, the nurse diagnosed with Ebola last year in Dallas, is suing the company in a charge of the hospital she was at after they violated her privacy

– The Government Accountability Office warned the Federal Aviation Administration is at risk of hacks as a result of weak passwords; Such passwords include “password,” “aviation” and “12345.”

Financial Matters

– Gallup: Fifty percent of Americans say it is important for the U.S. to be the world’s best in terms of the economy

– Warren Buffett said Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) would do better if she was less angry; Wh…what?

Labor’s a-Brewing

– Ralph Nader tells The Real News why the recent announcement by Wal-Mart to increase wages, while better than nothing, is still not enough to help give a living wage to workers

– Michelle Chen: “Did Slave Labor Produce Your Seafood?

Politics US

Washington USA

– Gallup: Forty-five percent of Americans view Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu favorably. Pew finds a different number with 38 percent who view Netanyahu favorably compared to 27 percent who view him unfavorably.

– Journalist Doug Henwood explains to The Real News how Hillary Clinton is only seeking to extend the Clinton dynasty rather than actually promote policies to help the working class

– At AIPAC, Susan Rice, the national security adviser to President Obama, said it was better to have no deal with Iran than a bad deal

– Lee Fang: “Revealed: Democratic Super PAC Architect Moonlights for Walmart, Cable Lobby

Anytown USA

– john a. powell talks with The Real News about the Moynihan report, which focused on issues in the black commnity, 50 years ago and connecting it to modern-day problems

– David Hatch, a member of Reclaim Chicago, speaks with The Real News about the role progressives played in Chicago’s alderman races

– Speaking of Chi-town, incumbent Rahm Emanuel is barely edging Jesus Garcia in the mayoral election; Hooray! Let Emanuel lose!

– A federal judge struck down Nebraska’s ban on same-sex marriage; Another victory

– The Los Angeles Police Department disputes a homeless man, unarmed by the way, was killed by police because the individual tried to grab the officer’s weapon. Surely the body cameras, if released, can show this? Well, the thing is, the LAPD doesn’t want to release them.

– Inmates who temporary took over a prison in Texas did so to request transfers to other prisons

We Don’t Need No Education

– While corporations in Baltimore are offered tax breaks, schools suffer from budget cuts

– Across the City University of New York system, undocumented students were given refunds for overpaying tuition

Health, Hunger and Homelessness

– A new report from a scientific body in the U.S. criticized states for their “morally wrong” decisions in containing Ebola

– Meanwhile, another report found Ebola as a “wake-up call” for universal health care to ensure something like it does not spread

A new study found more doctors are asked to delay vaccinations, which they comply with

– In Pakistan, 471 parents were arrested after refusing to vaccinate their children

The Second Sex

– The State University of New York system opened a 24-hour hotline for any sexual assault, although the state government wants to expand it throughout all colleges and universities

– While the role of women in Hamas is still somewhat limited, they are playing a more active role than before

Planet Earth

– Climate change partially caused the Syrian Civil War, which does not bode well for other nations in the future; I have a feeling I once referenced an article like this, yet I think it still is worthy to be brought up

– Wouldn’t it be sad if the Environmental Protection Agency allowed fracking companies to influence a study on those very same companies? Wait, they did do that?

Mixed Bag

– Turns out Bill O’Reilly is a bigger liar than we originally thought!; Note the word “is” instead of “was”

– It is not just museums at risk in Iraq because of ISIS, but archaeological sites too

– Dave Zirin: “The Passing of Three Interconnected Icons: Earl Lloyd, Minnie Minoso and Anthony Mason

Break Time

Offshore Banking Business [The Members]

Brandon Jordan

Brandon Jordan

Brandon Jordan is a freelance journalist in Queens, NY and written for publications such as The Nation, In These Times, Truthout and more.