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TODAY 3PM (CST): Shut Down #HomanSquare – @Chicago_Police Black Site

Some background from Spencer Ackerman and Vic Suter on Deomcracy Now! This is the transcript.


Spencer Ackerman’s Homan Square ouevre at the Guardian is here.

Marcy Wheeler, writing for’ “I was in a black site”: Chicago’s policing nightmare — and assault on people of color; as Rahm Emanuel fights for his political life, let’s talk about the detention and abuse of black people in Chicago’

(If you can’t access her internal link to TarheelDem’s post about his grisly experiences at Homan Square, as it turned out to be, this is his Daily Kos version a friend provided me.)

From the the #Gitmo2Chicago (albeit backwards, given Zuley went from torturing Chicago arrestees to Gitmo) on Facebook page (#ShutDownHomanSquare morphing into a cyber support page already).

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Shut Down #HomanSquare – Chicago_Police Black Site [Update: #Reparations Now! this evening]

Update: marym has been updating #Reparations Now! for the many victims of sociopath Jon Burge’s torture in Chicago jails, including their false confessions leading to convictions under his torture….at about comment #30.

This post is a bit slapdash, and for that I apologize ahead of time, but: Real life needs must.  Still, this issue and these actions in Chicago need a signal boost, so…here it is.  I’m hoping that if possible, marym (formerly of IL) and/or TarheelDem might be able to host the thread for us.  I will try to embed Tweets as I’m able.


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