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The Roundup for February 27th, 2015

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May Leonard Nimoy rest in peace.

International Politics


– A former U.S. ambassador to the Soviet Union during the Cold War believed the Obama administration made a mistake against Russia in regards to Ukraine. He believes the country should seek a compromise.

– It is worth examining how the U.S. pays for accidental deaths it causes in Afghanistan

Middle East

– There is supposed to be a truce between Israel and Gaza but Israel continues to violate the truce making residents in Gaza nervous

– Meanwhile, in the West Bank, Palestinians faced with tear-gas and more by Israeli authorities after marking 10 years of the Israeli separation barrier

– There is a housing crisis in Israel but Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu believes Iran is way more important

– There are both pro and anti-government rallies across Yemen over the recent change in power

Asia and Oceania

– China announced a ban on ivory imports, although it may just be a political stunt for points


Part two of three with Professor Seif Da’na on the role social media can play in social movements


– An official from a U.N. body believed there still was the threat of war in Ukraine

– British Prime Minister David Cameron pledged to use the police and intelligence to stop all terrorists threatening British citizens

Latin America, Caribbean and Canada

– Professor Miguel Tinker-Salas joins The Real News to discuss evidence of a coup in Venezuela and the problems in the country

– Servando “La Tuta” Gomez, the most wanted drug lord in Mexico, was captured by Mexican authorities

More negotiations are underway between U.S. and Cuban authorities about the next steps going forward

Surveillance Planet

– Despite breaches of health care companies rising, regulators are barely doing anything in response

Financial Matters

Part two with economist James K. Galbraith on the history of the recent talks with Greece

– David Sirota: “Enron all over again: Why Wall Street’s pension investments are a disaster in the making

– Professor William Black speaks with The Real News about the situation of Ireland and how it’s been dealing with the financial crisis.

A new study found one in nine Americans will become a part of the top one percent, although only a few would stay there

– Actually, American GDP last quarter grew at 2.2 percent instead of 2.6 percent

A new report said it was possible to strike at the “vulnerable” finances of the Islamic State

Politics US

Washington USA

– Marcy Wheeler: “‘I was in a black site’: Chicago’s policing nightmare — and assault on people of color

– With Netanyahu coming soon, the Republicans will seek temporary funding of the Department of Homeland Security to avoid embarrassment. Indeed, this is really happening.

– Glenn Greenwald: “Clapper Calls for Arming Ukrainian Forces: Who Would That Actually Empower?

– At the Can Possibly Accelerate Conflict conference, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) said national security is the most important issue for a president

– At the Could People Actually Care (About This) conference, former Texas Governor Rick Perry said President Barack Obama failed in his foreign policy

Anytown USA

– The Real News reports on calls for reform to the Maryland state police amid the issue of police abuse

– Nine people were killed in southern Missouri including the suspect involved in the shooting

– It’s a “Golden Gulag” when it comes to the status of prisons in California and reforms, therefore, are immediately needed

We Don’t Need No Education

– The Real News covers a college in Baltimore and how they are dealing with budget cuts

Health, Hunger and Homelessness

– Major companies selling junk food realize Americans want healthy items, but these firms want to consumers to buy their own products even if it is not healthy

– Campaigners are unhappy with potential plans made by the U.N. to restrict access to ketamine

The Second Sex

– A new budget proposed by Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker would no longer make universities required to report sexual assaults

Planet Earth

– Scientists discovered more mysterious holes in Siberia and are unsure as to why they are appearing

– Net metering would allow consumers to use solar power and get benefits, which does not make energy lobbyists too happy

– As a result of ocean acidification, algae will grow slower than before, according to a new report

– Solar energy may replace fossil fuels in North Africa, but it still remains a way for Europeans to dominate countries

– Switzerland pledged to cut half of its greenhouse gases in just 15 years

Mixed Bag

– In another example of things we don’t need, Oreos announced it would create a new cotton candy flavor

– The Onion: “Keystone Veto Buys Environment At Least 3 Or 4 More Hours

Break Time

Welcome To The Terrordome [Public Enemy]

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Brandon Jordan

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