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Hooray, CPAC is back! I can go back to jokes on the initials.

International Politics


– Gallup: Fifty-seven percent of Americans say the United Nations does a poor job in solving international problems

– Phyllis Bennis talks to The Real News about the role of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in regards to the Iran-P5+1 negotiations and what his impact can be

– Gallup: Overall, 84 percent of Americans say China will be a threat to the U.S. in the next 10 years with 40 percent saying it is a “critical threat”

– Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi called for a regional force against terrorist groups

Middle East

– The Kurds in Iraq want to delay the U.S.-led attack against the Islamic State in Mosul to give more time to strategize

– Meanwhile, ISIS fighters ransacked a museum full of valuable and timeless artifacts

Asia and Oceania

– Gallup: Seventy percent of Iranians are hoping a deal will be reached between Iran and the P5+1. Meanwhile, Iran pledged to complete negotiations by the end of next month


– In general, Libya is a massive mess with civilians feeling the biggest effects as a result of destabilization

– Egyptians living in Sinai feel betrayed by the media that ignores their plight in order to focus on the violence caused by extremists


– Anti-government protests occurred in Greece where demonstrators clashed in police there

– Indeed, the Kiev government is pulling back all of its weapons from the eastern front

Latin America, Caribbean and Canada

– A judge in Argentina dismissed the alleged government cover-up of Iran’s role in the 1994 bombings of a Jewish community center

– Mexicans deported by the U.S. now get another chance at staying in the country after a recent ruling in the U.S.

– William Blum: “Cuba Made Simple

– The business elite in Mexico are now unhappy with Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto due to his lack of successful policies on public security

– A judge in Brazil ordered the app WhatsApp to be suspended due to its failure in assisting with an investigation

– Eva Golinger: “US Aggression Against Venezuela

Surveillance Planet

– Jason Leopold: “Official Reports on the Damage Caused by Edward Snowden’s Leaks Are Totally Redacted“; The more I read on national security, the more cartoonish it is

Financial Matters

– Part one with Professor James K. Galbraith, an adviser to Yanis Varoufakis, on whether Syriza caved into the demands of Europe and why it is important to criticize the Western narrative on this issue

– Economist John Weeks speaks with The Real News on the origins of the debt crisis in Greece

– Los Angeles risks gentrification to spread throughout the city as it improves its transit system

– China announced major tech companies like Apple are no longer supported by the government in a move to support local industries

– Meanwhile, Chinese state-owned banks are offering more loans to Latin American countries

– Officials from Puerto Rico hope to convince American officials that companies in Puerto Rico should restructure their debts

Labor’s a-Brewing

– Now the oil worker strike is growing with more workers across the U.S. joining; Excellent!

Politics US

Washington USA

–  Journalist Kari Lydersen rightfully explains to The Real News oe the story of police black sites in Chicago is not new, although it is still very important

– At the Conservative Political Action Conference, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker believed he could defeat ISIS as he defeated unions in his state; Yes, they are both the same. Definitely no major differences whatsoever. At all. None.

– At the Contemporary Power And Capitalism event, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie noted his anger at the media elite for doing their jobs

– A former U.S. ambassador who was originally in favor of supporting the rebels in Syria is now critical of them for their ties to extremist organizations

– Sure, Net Neutrality passed but it may take time before it is truly and fully implemented

– Even AIPAC, usually cheer-leading for any Israeli administration, believes Netanyahu went too far in his upcoming talk to Congress

Anytown USA

– Rape in prison, especially of teen inmates with adults, is still high and officials need to do something about it

– Texas warned students not to travel to Mexico because of the drug violence in the country

– It is safe to call the torture conducted in Chicago something the Gestapo would have done

Health, Hunger and Homelessness

– Portugal is a model for other countries to follow as it helped drug users through true rehabilitation rather than make them a prisoner

The Second Sex

Inspirational news out of a Texas where a 76-year-old man biked at least 300 miles to raise money for Planned Parenthood

– Mergermarket, a company dealing with finance, was sued by two women who say sexual harassment was common and there was event a “hot list” of women the men would like to sleep with

A new report found men with the name John, Robert, William or James hold more seats combined on the top S&P companies than women

A new study found women in Mexico with psychological problems are coerced into sterilization

Planet Earth

– Scientists report carbon emissions is trapping the heat in the atmosphere and, well, you know, something’s got to be done about that

– Amy Goodman: “TV Meteorologists Should Say It Loud and Clear: Climate Change Is Here“; I prefer screaming

– To help the oil industry, North Dakota regulators will consider weakening regulations on disposing radioactive waste

Mixed Bag

– Pew: The center released a report on religion where they found hostilities against it declining in the past few years

– The Onion: Raytheon CEO Sends Obama Another Article About Mounting Unrest In Libya

– Famous artist Banksy created new works while in Gaza after the vicious bombings committed by Israel

Break Time

– Feedin’ from the Devil’s Hands [Ayron Jones & the Way]

Brandon Jordan

Brandon Jordan

Brandon Jordan is a freelance journalist in Queens, NY and written for publications such as The Nation, In These Times, Truthout and more.