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Video: ISIS “The Ebola of Terrorist Threats”

I was watching Barbara Boxer, the leading Anti-war progressive in the senate, shill for the military industrial complex on Democracy Now asserting that ISIS, if unchecked, would soon destroy the world. Since ISIS does not have an Army, Navy,or Air Force nor large munitions and they would need to buy a commercial airline ticket to get here they do not seem to be any sort of a threat to our way of life. So to get some traction in the fear department they do not address any actual threat posed by ISIS, because there is none, instead, they forward their atrocities as substitute.  They did the same with Ebola.

There is a massive Ebola infrastructure employing tens of thousands of people in  the Ebola stricken parts of Africa. They just needed a little financial support to overcome the crisis. We sent the military. That was of minimal assistance to resolving the crisis and more costly than the assisting them in more logical ways. The same implies to ISIS. There are many logical actions we could take to address the ISIS “crisis”. Have Turkey/ oil companies quit buying millions a day in ISIS oil. Address Saudi Financing /support/export of  their form  of radical Wahhabi Moderate Terrorism. Quit bombing civil infrastructure.

Ben Swann offers an correct accounting of facts related to the rise of ISIS, an the absurdity of the planned generational war. At least Bush had to claim some threat from a nation state, Obama has lowered the bar to intervening in internal civil issues of a nation. He will have no problem starting the generational, forever war.



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