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Good day folks! We’re still up thankfully.

International Politics


– Gallup: Sixty-one percent of Americans are disappointed with the position of the United States in the world today

– Former nuclear engineer Robert Kelley speaks with The Real News on to Iran-P5+1 talks and the role of the U.S. in relation to the alleged Iranian nuclear program

– Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he must speak in front of Congress for Israel’s security; Wh…what?

– International law is a funny thing when thinking about the U.S. as it defines it as anything that it wants to do

Middle East

– Juan Cole: “How ‘Islamic’ Is the Islamic State?

– It is not easy to stop corruption in Iraq because officials are reaping benefits from said corruption

– An Australian was killed while fighting alongside Kurdish forces against ISIS

Asia and Oceania

– Pew: While 40 percent of people over 50 in South Korea believe things are going well in the country, 20 percent of 18 to 33 year-olds believe the same


– The Libyan government in the east is considering Khalifa Haftar as the nation’s top army commander


– Attorney Dimitri Lascaris joins The Real News to speak about the compromise taken by Syriza and the internal dissent that occurred as a result

– Millennials in Europe are not optimistic about the future and they may not be wrong about that

Surveillance Planet

– The company at the center of the SIM card hack said it did not experience any hacks by the NSA or GCHQ. Jeremy Scahill writes more on their response here.

– The intelligence agency in Canada spies on all domestic emails in the country as a part of its cyber-security program

Financial Matters

– London, a city with very rich history, decided to turn to privatization, which will certainly hold major consequences in the future

– There is a real danger of hyperinflation in Ukraine as their currency depreciates against the dollar

– A New York State regulator is investigating a bank for millions of transactions involving money laundering. He declined to name the bank.

– Move over democracy, inequality is now another major export of American exceptionalism

– Morgan Stanley agreed to pay $2.6 billion for its role in the mortgage crisis

– The chairperson of HSBC said the latest scandal involving the company caused “horrible reputational damage“; What did you expect? A prize?

Labor’s a-Brewing

– Michelle Chen: “What You Should Know About Walmart’s Raise

– Today adjuncts demonstrate for higher pay and benefits, which is something they so rightfully deserve and need

– Both TJ Maxx and Marshalls announced it would raise wages of its workers to $9 per hour

– Dave Zirin: “Can Players Win a Strike Against Major League Soccer?

Politics US

Washington USA

– President Barack Obama: Republicans are the ones to blame for preventing immigration reforms

– It speaks volumes when Republicans are going after Loretta Lynch, nominee to replace Attorney General Eric Holder, over the latest HSBC scandal

– Rudy Giuliani, apparently someone who says he cares about America more than Obama, accepts his money from right-wing elites across the world after being a security adviser; In case you were wondering, no he does not provide any sound advice

– Trevor Timm: “Why shutting down the Department of Homeland Security would be a good idea

– To save America from its problems, Donald Trump will be running for president. I’m not kidding.

– Muriel Bowser, the mayor of Washington D.C., pledged to move forward with the legislation of cannabis despite opposition from Congress

– Former Justice Department officials call for an investigation into the secret black site-like in Chicago used for torture

Anytown USA

– Journalist Greg Grandin joins The Real News to talk about Bill O’Reilly covering up a war crime while stationed in El Salvador during the 1980s

– Thanks Politico for covering Bill O’Reilly’s back for his little “embellishment” and saying it’s all too late; Indeed, let’s give us and admit journalism can never uphold anything

– Rick Perlstein: “In Mayoral Runoff, Rahm Emanuel’s Corrupt Governance Has Finally Caught Up With Him

– Meanwhile, things look bright for Jesus “Chuy” Garcia, a potential contender against Emanuel

– For immigrants in the U.S., a driver’s license can open up new doors to boost income

– In the trial of Eddie Ray Routh, who killed Chris Kyle, the jurors believed Routh was using PTSD as an excuse; A-an excuse?

We Don’t Need No Education

– New York City’s Department of Education introduced new restrictions on the use of restraint in schools

Health, Hunger and Homelessness

– The Food and Drug Administration, which I think regulates food (unsure about that one), cannot fully determine the safety of GM foods and allows companies to self-regulate themselves

The Second Sex

– Jessica Valenti: “Women’s bodies can’t perform magic. Someone please tell Republicans

Planet Earth

– Keith Stewart, a coordinator for Greenpeace Canada, talks to The Real News about Canadian efforts against environmental activists, especially on civil liberties

– BP estimates, in the next two decades, carbon emissions will rise by 25 percent; Scary considering the effects of that

– What is happening in Seattle, where activists are resisting any assistance to Arctic drilling, matters for the entire nation

– With a severe water crisis in Sao Paulo, some residents are living with a frightening possibility of rationed water

– Thanks to the oil industry in Texas, an endangered species in the state is not endangered because money!

Mixed Bag

– In the United Kingdom, KFC introduced a coffee cup that is edible and tastes like a cookie; Is that seriously necessary? Was there any demand for it?

Break Time

Strange Arithmetic [The Coup]

Brandon Jordan

Brandon Jordan

Brandon Jordan is a freelance journalist in Queens, NY and written for publications such as The Nation, In These Times, Truthout and more.