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The Terrorist Label, Caveat Emptor

I’ve been a strong opponent of the Global War OF Terror that is being waged by the United States of Imperialism since the false flag attack on 9/11/01. I believe the War OF Terror is based on a giant lie and treasonous crime (9/11) and it is being used as a guise to implement what the neocons call “the New American Century”, an insane plan for global hegemony. The neocons of course are not the only ones in on the plan as seen by our current Imperialist Warmonger President Obama and the similarly imperialist warmonger organization called the Democratic Party. .

As such an opponent, I’m rather sensitive to the propaganda narratives churned out by our government and the ruling class controlled mass media. Propaganda works, it hurts, and we have to find a way past it. One particular concern I have is the use of the term “terrorist” to describe a wide variety of actions by humans. We often hear the term used by our government for people involved in antiwar activities, environmental protests, and other efforts against the “man”. People are being labeled terrorists for juvenile threats made on Facebook.

It’s a narrative the ruling class has worked hard at pounding into the heads of every man, woman and child in this country. The War OF Terror is everywhere now, it forms the very foundation of this country. We are at war with terror and when we’re at war, everything changes.

The most recent example is the report of the Department of Homeland Security’s “intelligence assessment” that reportedly “focuses on the domestic terror threat from right-wing sovereign citizen extremists.”

DHS intelligence report warns of domestic right-wing terror threat

OK, now think about this. The U.S. is at war and war time rules apply. This War OF Terror has brought us such things as the Patriot Act and the Department of Homeland Security, which is the entity warning us about right wing “terrorists”. It’s brought us the Drone “wars”, Executive Assassinations, and torture. The War OF Terror is a war that seemingly can never end because of why? Because there will always be terror. All it takes is applying the label. The public is all too willing to accept that.

And as long as we are officially at war, in a never ending war OF terror, that war will apply to all cases, scenarios, situations and locations that our government proclaims it to apply. This is a Global War. Now, the War OF Terror is here in the United States and fully accepted by the people. When the people accept the terms of the warmonger imperialists, the terrorist label, then the war is here. They have accepted the War OF Terror as legitimate and necessary.

I might feel differently if our government, our COUNTRY, was not waging a War OF Terror. If this country was not conducting a war OF terror, and there were serious concerns about violent activities by some right wing characters, calling them right wing “terrorists” might not be a thing. Because it wouldn’t be feeding the false narrative for a never ending war on the planet. By accepting the narrative that there are right wing and left wing terrorists in this country and that they pose a national security threat, people are thereby accepting that we are at war IN the United States, they are accepting the government’s terror narrative, and that the War OF Terror is legitimate. War rules apply, the Constitution changes and the Japanese, I mean, anyone they want, can be rounded up and kept out of the way.

Some will say, “if you look up the definition, yada yada.” Ya, I know, maybe the defintion fits. That doesn’t mean we have to accept it, not when doing so means we accept the War OF Terror, U.S. Imperialism, and the New World Order. Everything we can do to reject the War OF Terror we must do. We cannot accept these narratives, we cannot accept this new paradigm of terror and terrorists or it cannot end.

The only somewhat comparable situation in this country has been during the war against Communism in the 20th century, another manufactured false war based on lies. Similar in that communism could be anywhere, in any country and in any person as we saw with the McCarthy communist scare in the fifties and the war in Vietnam. People bought it so it played out. The same thing is happening now. The same (type) people are accepting the narratives.

I saw an article on the faux liberal blog Daily Kos, Fox News Extremists Freak Out Over DHS Report On Threat Of Right-Wing Extremists

The author is an example of someone who accepts the narratives.. Those that recommended the article are reinforcing the narratives by their acceptance of the narratives the author puts forth. Some might even be against the War OF Terror but they’re in effect accepting it and perpetuating it by accepting the narratives. Instead of focusing on how this plays into the War OF Terror, the war that is officially happening now (I feel the need to remind people of that), they prefer to focus on the angst from the right wing regarding how it paints them.

The author proceeds to call right wing extremists the “Taliban” and “American jihadhis”, also playing right into the hands of Dick Cheney, Paul Wolfowitz, and Donald Rumsfeld, and parroting the site’s conservative, former Republican owner.  Again accepting the narratives our ruling class has authored to gain acceptance for their never ending war. In the end, that’s pretty stupid.

Anyone remember the Divide and Conquer tactic? Relative to Daily Kos, this reminds me of a line from a popular movie, “if you’re a smart as you think you are”.

Here’s another narrative the author posited in this rec listed article.

“What makes this outburst of outrage even more ludicrous is that the DHS is only doing its job of protecting the American people.”

“Protecting the American people”? It’s hard for me to believe there are still people out there who believe our government is doing all this shit for our safety and to “protect” us. Evidently Daily Kos might be the last bastion of such believers. That no one called the author out on this little piece of establishment bullshit while it made the Recommended list tells all you need to know about that site.

I suppose until more people learn to think for themselves instead of simply parroting the reality our rulers provide for us, we’ll keep accepting the War OF Terror which includes this new phase against CIAISIS.

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