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Bird Cams 2015: Decorah Eagles, Savannah Great Horned Owls, Berry’s Eagles

The Decorah Eagles
This morning in Decorah, Iowa, Mom called out to Dad for the morning exchange and he got his first view of two eggs:

YouTube Courtesy of dragonlainey

Thank you Raptor Resource Project and Bob Anderson for allowing us to view this nest – visit the iconic Decorah Eagles at

The Savannah Great Horned Owls

The Savannah, Georgia Great Horned Owls have chicks. The owlets were hungry for their first feeding earlier this month:

YouTube courtesy of maryomaryo1

Mom gently feeds her 2 owlets nestled beneath her wings. 2-7-15.Thanks to Cornell Lab Bird Cams and Skidaway Audubon. This is well worth a visit- Watch live at:

All of Cornell Lab Bird Cams are listed here.

Berry College Eagles

Meanwhile, sibling rivalry has begun at the Berry College eagle nest cam near Rome, Georgia:

YouTube courtesy of skygirlblue

The Berry College bald eagle nest cam is here:

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