Video: MSNBC Good Riddance to Bad Rubbish

If any organization had a hand in denigrating progressives and progressive causes it has been MSNBC. They cancelled their most popular daytime show, The Donahue Show, because he was not going to blindly support the war on Iraq. They went straight down hill from there. Their credibility damaged greatly by their advocacy for the Iraq war. That did not stop them again and again advocating for more wars in Yemen, Libya Syria, Russia ect ect -and just like Iraq not challenging a single assertion made by those advocating for war and giving “the Donahue treatment” to anyone who might mention the possibility of peaceful resolution.

It is a time for celebration. That  MSNBC ‘s progressive kabuki did not work, it’s demise has been swift and unrelenting is a credit to it’s viewers, and  the fact that the sheep are unable to disregard how right-wing MSNBC really was.   Fox and MSNBC are locked in pitched battle for the 65 and older demographic. The pro war, pro drug war, extreme partisan, throw whistle blowers in jail, never challenge the government crowd. It is the only group that they have any credibility with, for them Iraq deserved what they got.

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