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Chris Christie Losing Donors And Support

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has been a having a tough time in recent weeks. First he spent time in London explaining and re-explaining his stance on childhood vaccinations only to then face scrutiny over his history of luxurious and shady travel arrangements. Now reports in both the New York Times and Washington Post allege that donors are walking away from Christie in search of a better candidate for 2016.

The Times reports that even his New Jersey supporters are looking at other candidates. Outside of Christie’s most rabid supporter, billionaire Ken Langone, there is a sentiment that Christie has not built a good operation to run for president. Poor polls in both Iowa and New Hampshire appear to affirm that view.

WaPo provides a similar report and points to former Florida Governor Jeb Bush as the key beneficiary. Bush has yet to go after Christie’s core New Jersey donor network but has reportedly been connecting with Wall Street donors who previously showed favor for a Christie presidency.

Amid the WaPo story is something rather ironic regarding Team Christie’s push back efforts:

“We’re doing fine,” said Kenneth G. Langone, the billionaire co-founder of Home Depot, who has pledged to devote substantial resources to advance Christie’s bid. “Everybody I’ve called and asked has said yes.”

Christie allies do not expect that he will be able to come close to matching Bush’s current fundraising spree, which is expected to bring in tens of millions. His team has sought to project a sense of calm as it makes daily calls to donors, arguing that much of the movement toward Bush is coming from loyalists who received appointments in the administrations of his father and brother.

Chris Christie would know. He received his appointment as US Attorney after being a fundraiser for George W. Bush despite having limited legal experience and even acknowledged in an interview that he received the appointment due to his fundraising efforts. One of Christie’s most trusted advisors and former lobbying partner, Bill Palatucci, even admitted he used his connections with Bush advisor Karl Rove to help Christie get the appointment.

Suddenly quid pro quo from a Bush is a bad thing?

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Dan Wright

Dan Wright

Daniel Wright is a longtime blogger and currently writes for Shadowproof. He lives in New Jersey, by choice.