Many right-wingers like Ronald Reagan, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Barrack Obama were elected to high office with virtually no political background.  All three of these right-wingers were re-elected to office. Their lack political experience/baggage did not adversely effect their elect-ability.  Jon Stewart would be a progressive version of this right-wing model for getting elected through the cult of personality method. In Jon’s case, all the partisan Democrats wold vote their usual straight D-ticket.  But Jon would bring to the table independents, many Republicans, most Libertarians and an overwhelming number of young people and a lot of first time voters. Could he beat Jeb?

Elizabeth Warren was the president of Harvard,an extremely political position,put their by the most elitist 1% that ever shone on man.  Elizebeth and Sherrod Brown just voted to protect banksters ( Federal Reserve) from being required to open their books so we could see what they were up to. It is such a pathetic assertion that she is even remotely progressive. She demonstrates the need for a Jon Stewart on a daily basis and her mindless followers could point to nothing of significance that she has done or proposed that would change the course of things in a meaningful way.

We will fair no better under a Democrat Administration than a Republican, Barrack Obama has demonstrated that. What they do/ dont do is because they are concerned about losing the ability to manipulate the masses. Obama’s forwarding cutting Social Security even as the Republicans reeling from their attempts. The media joined them by advocating such cuts as necessary, prudent. Only the American people stopped the savaging of SS. Syria both parties were longing, preying for destroying another country for humanitarian reasons. Again, the people stopped it-with a little impetus from our British brothers and sisters.

You have to have someone from outside they establishment if you want change. That is not Elizabeth. Just like many voted for Barrack Obama on pure hope, many would vote for Elizabeth on pure hope, unable to forward a cogent reason for doing so.

Jon has name recognition and the skills to kick some establishment ass. Or be subjected to a couple Bush vs. Clinton Non-Debate where all is agreed upon- the style and insignificant collateral issues the basis to make one’s choice.

It would be worth the effort if  just to demoralize Fox and  demonstrate just once that the Democrat party is not worth supporting we would rather have the comedian.

The Republicans lose two seats and clean house- the dems lose a record number of seats and no one loses their job-