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International Politics


– A former Polish president believes it is possible to apply pressure onto Russian President Vladimir Putin by joining in solidarity against him

– The Egyptian government is now mediating between Libya and Russia to provide Russian arms to militias in Libya

– Qatar recalled its ambassador to Egypt after facing hostility for its criticize of airstrikes in Libya

– To defeat the Islamic State, the West would need to focus more on the Internet to win in the game of propaganda

Middle East

– The parents of Rachel Corrie, an American activist murdered by an Israeli bulldozer, join The Real News to talk about the latest Israeli Supreme Court decision that let Israel off the hook

– The Iraqi air force will air lift citizens from a town under siege by the Islamic State to safety

– Countries in the Middle East, like Israel and Saudi Arabia, believe the U.S. will replace them with Iran

At least 10 people were killed in Iraq in two separate bombings with many more injured

– An Israeli officer said he was not worried about a probe by the International Criminal Court

– A Jordanian official said fighting terrorism is like a “third world war” as it is “unprecedented” in history


– The Egyptian government said it is protecting itself from terrorism by intervening in Libya

– Militias tied to the Islamic State took over a university in northern Libya

– A journalist for Al-Jazeera English detaineed in Egypt for terrorism charges criticized his employer for the outlet’s “negligence” on his case


– Mark Weisbrot: “The Coercion of Greece

– Professor Tarik Cyril Amar joins The Real News to discuss how the Kiev government failed their soldiers and how the ceasefire may hold

– Amy Goodman: “From ‘Demos’ to ‘Podemos’: Popular Uprisings in Greece and Spain

Part one of two with Michael Nevradakis on how Syriza’s tone is now more moderate than before and how elites in Greece shape public opinion

Surveillance Planet

– According to documents by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, American and British intelligence hacked into the largest manufacturer of SIM cards; Don’t you feel safe already?

– It was modern-day civil libertarians that assisted in crafting the surveillance state as we know it

– The NSA said it was sure North Korea was behind the Sony hacks after analyzing the software

Financial Matters

– While Apple views 2014 as a “year of progress,” they still continue to uphold labor and environmental violations

– Germany refused to agree with Greek suggestions as the Germans believed the Greece presented a “Trojan horse” of a deal

– A lawyer in New York said the Argentinian government is refusing to negotiate with debtholders

– Standard & Poor’s believes a Greek exit from the euro would not be so bad for the rest of the European Union members

– The Clinton Foundation is not ashamed it is receiving money from foreign government across the world

– Thanks to a district judge, we cannot know donors behind the Koch-backed Americans for Prosperity because it would have a “chilling effect on free speech.”

Labor’s a-Brewing

– Wal-Mart will increase its minimum wage for workers by starting with $9 per hour this spring, yet it still isn’t a living wage

– Taxi drivers in Chicago are unhappy with the presence of Uber in the city and feel it is robbing them of their livelihood

– A new study found dark-skinned Mexicans face more discrimination when in the labor force than light-skinned Mexicans

Politics US

Washington USA

– Gallup: Forty-eight percent of Americans view Cuba favorably, while 46 percent view Cuba unfavorably. This is the first time Americans viewed Cuba favorably in around 20 years.

– Liberal and conservative elites (think Koch Brothers and Center for American Progress) will work together on prison reform

– Officials in Ferguson said there were in the dark in terms of federal investigations in the death of Michael Brown and its police force

– Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) believes the police in Honduras are doing good things, but they are actually a repressive and violent force

Anytown USA

– Gallup: Residents in Alaska report the highest well-being, while residents in West Virgina report the least well-being

Part two of two with Daniel Webster who explains potential plans to ensure violence declines in the city of Baltimore

– Remember that time The Atlantic reported on Islamophobia in a fair and understandable way? Me neither!

– Remember when The New York Post did not use Islamophobia for its front page? Me neither!; It is funny and sad because they make money they do not deserve

– A new study found it was not a prison boom that led to the drop in crime rates

We Don’t Need No Education

– In what is another instance of a flawed education system for youths, visiting professors are used far too much by universities to cut corners

Health, Hunger and Homelessness

– The criminalization of homelessness could best be found in California, a place where lawmakers are eager to go after this marginalized group.

– At UCLA’s Ronald Reagan Medical Center, patients accidentally were exposed to drug-resistant superbugs. Two have died so far.

– Statistics on mental illness may be exaggerated considering the groups behind the numbers use flawed methodology

– The Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee, a body consisting of top nutritionists in the country, recommended less meat and more plant-based foods

– Craig Watts, a farmer who spoke out against Perdue Farms for its misconduct, is filing for whistleblower protection after facing harassment

The Second Sex

– A fraternity at Wesleyan University sued the college after being forced to accept women in order to stay on campus

A new study found female lawmakers are more productive in Congress than male lawmakers

Planet Earth

– Edelman, the world’s largest public relations firm, announced it would no longer work with the American Petroleum Institute, a powerful oil and gas trade association.

– A polar vortex will hit on Friday with extraordinary low temperatures affecting Northeast residents

Mixed Bag

– Peter Van Buren: “War Porn: Hollywood and War, From World War II to ‘American Sniper’

– Ever wonder what European elites think of Syriza’s victory? Think no more with this image to help out.

Break Time

List of Demands (Reparations) [Saul Williams]

Brandon Jordan

Brandon Jordan

Brandon Jordan is a freelance journalist in Queens, NY and written for publications such as The Nation, In These Times, Truthout and more.