President Obama has officially adopted the 30-year-old Ronald Reagan plan to permanently close the Small Business Administration (SBA) and end all federal programs to help the nation’s 28 million small businesses.

When Ronald Reagan clearly announced his desire to permanently shut down the SBA and end all of its programs, his plan to accomplish that goal was to combine the SBA with the Department of Commerce. What better way to close an agency created to help small businesses than to combine it with the federal agency created to help Fortune 500 firms?

I knew Obama was going to close the SBA when I was working on his campaign. Shortly before he was elected he disbanded the Small Business Advisory Council he had invited me to join and threw out all of the recommendations we had worked on for months to develop.

I first predicted he would close the SBA by combining it with the Department of Commerce in November of 2008. He proved me right in January of 2012 when he announced his plan to do exactly that.

I launched a campaign to do the best I could to stop him. At this point let me mention I was the only person in America to predict Obama was going to try and close the SBA and the only person to ever go on national television to try and stop him. I even went on RTTV, one of the largest international news channels in the world to blow the whistle on Obama’s plan to kill the SBA.

Luckily for me some journalists recognized the Reagan anti-small business plan and agreed with me that Obama’s “streamlining government plan” was actually the Ronald Reagan close the SBA plan.

On January 14, 2014, Ty Kiisel from Forbes wrote an article and stated, “I agree with Lloyd Chapman, head of the American Small Business League, cited by Harrison, when he warns that this is just another attempt to shutter one of the only government agencies in place to help the nation’s nearly 30 million small business owners.”

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that within hours of the Forbes story coming out President Obama suddenly named a new Administrator for the SBA that had gone leaderless for more than a year. He also ceased any discussion of combing the SBA and Commerce Department.

My next indication the scam to close the SBA was still alive was when retired Naval Commander and Pentagon anti-whistleblower hit man, Terry Sutherland, quietly left the Pentagon to take over the Press Office at the SBA. Sutherland was the guy that ran the smear campaign against 9/11 whistleblower Lieutenant Tony Shaffer of Able Danger fame.

With Sutherland’s arrival I knew the Obama Administration’s campaign to shut down the SBA and shut me up was getting serious.

I intend to give a more detailed accounting of the battle between Terry Sutherland and myself in the near future. I will release a blow-by-blow report and a short documentary after I conclude my Freedom of Information Act campaign to obtain all of Sutherland’s emails and phone records. For some reason the SBA is putting up quite a fight over releasing email from the Press Office, I wonder why?

It does look like I was right when I wrote that Terry Sutherland “reported to the SBA” to preside over the closing of the agency and what proved to be a massive campaign to smear my reputation as he had done to Lt. Tony Shaffer and keep me out of the press.

Anyway, here we go again. Obama is going to try and convince Congress, the press and the American people that closing the smallest agency in the federal government will somehow “streamline government”.

I will continue my campaign of facts and data that show the real reason Obama wants to close the SBA is to cover-up the hundreds of billions of dollars in fraud that have been uncovered in virtually every SBA managed program during the Obama Administration.

As usual, it also looks like the American Small Business League will continue to be the only national small business advocacy group in the country that will oppose the plan to close the one and only federal agency in our government that was specifically created to help the 28 million middle class small businesses where most Americans work.

I will close as I often do with one of my favorite quotes from President John F Kennedy.

“One man can make a difference and everyone should try.”

I’m doing the best I can, please feel free to join in at any time.

Lloyd Chapman

Lloyd Chapman