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Rep Ryan’s Inner City Culture comment was reviewed by Politifact

Politifact’s rating the truth about political claims leaves much to be desired for example the Title  of the article

In Context: Were Paul Ryan’s poverty comments a ‘thinly veiled racial attack’

Was obviously intended to attract readers who were interested to know whether  Rep Ryan’s  comments   were racist.

However Politifact  in their article then decided to ignore their own headline and Rated Rep Ryan’s claims True about facts nobody was questioning    

“(PolitiFact National rated as True Ryan’s claim in the report that from 2010 to 2012, “deep poverty” — the percentage of households that make less than 50 percent of the poverty line — reached its highest level on record.)”

 Lets research the truth of the claim Politifact conveniently forgot about Rep Ryan’s racism.

 Yes the answer is Rep Ryan is a Racist! Nobody in politics since/because of Ronald Reagan  can claim that when a Politician talks about the Inner Cities he is not using Racist Code Words to talk about Minorities

That is not however what makes Rep Ryan’s claim racist its ok to talk about Minorites. What makes Rep Ryan’s claim racist is that he lied and that he lied to make Minorities look bad.

If Rep Ryan was right then the odds of poor children in the inner cities becoming rich would  be lower than the odds  of poor children becoming rich in Rep Ryan’s Congressional District

So then lets compare the odds the kids in the bottom, poorest fifth of the income class from Americas three largest cities and the kids from the bottom, poorest fifth of the income class from Rep Ryan’s Congressional District can rise to the highest, richest fifth of the income class.

The odds that a child from the bottom fifth of the income class could move to the top fifth of the income class from New York is 9.7%, Los Angeles 9.6%, Chicago 6.1% I blame ex Mayor Daley and Mayor Rahm:( .

7.0% are the odds a child from the bottom fifth of the income class from Rep Ryan’s district Kenosha Wisconsin on the south eastern corner of the Illinois border on the map at the link below will move to the top fifth of the income class. 


So then at best Politifact can only claim Rep Ryan’s claim was only 1/3 true.

Lets not give Rep Ryan the benefit of the doubt that this was an honest mistake. Rep Ryan has a college educated Congressional Staff to fact check anything he wants. Are we to believe that a Man who ran for Vice President of the United States does not have every speech and talking point fact checked at tax payer expense? especially after the way the Press made fun of the last GOP nominee for Vice President Sarah Palin’s mistakes?

           Rep Ryan must have over ridden his fact checkers advice because he is a complete racist liar… nobody with a computer and google would make such an obvious mistakes.

Lets keep looking at Rep Ryan’s claims about Inner City Men not working I believe in not only proving people wrong, but proving them wrong every way that I can so nobody can say well he was only wrong about one thing.


A Quick look at the facts about this issue proves interesting

Lets look at the claim about work and culture.  The 3 biggest cities in America are New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago my idea is to compare the states with the biggest Cities and I presume Inner Cities to Rep Ryan’s State of Wisconsin and see how they compare.  (Since I could not find numbers for congressional districts )

Illinois gets back only $.56 cents for every dollar they pay the Federal Government in taxes, New York $.79, California $.94 cents. Wisconsin actually gets $ 1.68 cents back for every dollar they pay in taxes.

Just how much Welfare can Inner Cities be getting if the States they are in still pay more taxes than they get in money from the federal government?

Hmm what if the Blue States finally got some balls and decided to cut off Wisconsin’s welfare? What if Wisconsin and the rest of the Red Dead Beat States had to start paying their own way?


Sensing an objection 🙂

Welfare! Inner City People, Dark People are dependent on Welfare! Federal Tax Dollars are for everything military bases, crop subsidies, Welfare Spending shows who is getting paid for not working!…Moron

Once again a look at the facts proves interesting

 Non-Hispanic whites accounted for 64 percent of the population in 2010 and received 69 percent of the entitlement benefits.  In contrast, Hispanics made up 16 percent of the population but received 12 percent of the benefits, less than their proportionate share — likely because they are a younger population and also because immigrants, including many legal immigrants, are ineligible for various benefits.  Non-Hispanic African Americans account for 12 percent of the population and received 14 percent of the benefits.[6] 

 My Bold Tell me given that Hispanic and African American poverty rates are much higher than Whites how come they get 6% more welfare benefits than the size of their population? African Americans get 2% more benefits than the size of their population and Hispanics get 4% less welfare benefits than their population size.    Seems to me we have a culture of Republicans in Congress to lazy to fact check anyone who agrees with them. Its your friends not your enemies that get you in the most trouble. 

If college was easy work everyone would have a college degree

California 29.5% of people have a Bachelor’s degree

Illinois 29.5% of people have a Bachelor’s degree

New York 31.7%  of people have a Bachelor’s degree

Wisconsin 25.4% of people have a Bachelor’s degree

 Stop playing games Drugs Drugs! Drugs!!! thats what keeps the inner cities down thats what Rep Ryan means when he talks about culture! Don’t intentionally be obtuse….Commie Punk

( I have to stop it with the Ouji board and channeling Right Wing Spirits )

 Another look at the facts proves very interesting 

 Native American youth fared worst, with 15% having a substance use disorder, compared to 9.2% for people of mixed racial heritage, 9.0% for whites, 7.7% for Hispanics, 5% for African Americans and 3.5% for Asians and Pacific Islanders.

 My Bold  It seems we can’t blame drugs for inner city unemployment either. But it does seem that going to prison for drugs is more dangerous than actually taking illegal drugs.  The cure is worse than the disease or was oppression always the aim? People with money are more likely to do drugs because they don’t have to work so much, they can take more time off, they can afford to buy more drugs.  We should worry about police going easy on Whites and letting them get more addicted.


Your all stupid! Even if you got jobs your not qualified! 

Or is racism not Teacher Unions why America scores low on tests compared to other nations and spends more money per student doing it?

 In fact, the U.S. educational system is one of the most unequal in the industrialized world, and students routinely receive dramatically different learning opportunities based on their social status. In contrast to European and Asian nations that fund schools centrally and equally, the wealthiest 10 percent of U.S. school districts spend nearly 10 times more than the poorest 10 percent, and spending ratios of 3 to 1 are common within states.


On every major national test, including the National Assessment of Educational Progress, the gap in minority and white students’ test scores narrowed substantially between 1970 and 1990, especially for elementary school students. On the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT), the scores of African-American students climbed 54 points between 1976 and 1994, while those of white students remained stable.

I thought Charles Murray said IQ was fixed and genetic never mind he never found a stupid gene we should all take his word for it he is from Harvard after all./s I thought Charles said it was a waste of time and money to try and educate Dark People?  Meanwhile in the Real World outside Charles and Rep Ryan’s fantazies Education Funding went up and

High school drop out rates down nearly 50% the number of people with Bachelor’s degrees up over 50% since 1990. Our schools are not failing. Funding for public schools doubled since 1990. There appears to be a 1 on 1 correlation between the amount of money you spend on education and the number of people who finish high school and the number who go on to get a Bachelor’s degree. This trend is over two decades long.) 

In 1990 1,225.9  billion was spent on education  In 2013  2,465.4 billion  so we slightly more than doubled school funding in the last 23 years.

Brian Williams interviewed Charles Murray Rep Ryan’s goto guy for facts/fables about Inner City Minorities for his last book and Brian never once pointed out that if Charles was right then were is the evidence of a stupid gene? Brian never thought to inquire about lower rates of school funding for minorities as a possible reason why test scores are lower??
          If he had he would have found the same data I just did.  If  IQ was fixed and Darker people were more stupid than Whites then the Real World increase we saw in public school funding in the 1990’s should not have resulted in the number of high school dropouts dropping by nearly 50%  and the number of minorities with a B.A  more than doubling.  Public schools that service minorities and the poor of every race have seen almost a direct 1 to one correlation funding was doubled and high school dropout rates dropped nearly 50% and the number of minorities with a B.A  more than doubled. However with the richer more White school districts that have  a 10 to 1 advantage in education funding do we see a proportional  increase in grades? No
The law of Diminishing Returns has returned it seems. After a certain point the more you spend the less return you get. Reverse Darwinism seems to be wining the rich never are allowed to fall to their natural level a $10 to $1 advantage in school funding plus who they know means they will likely never be allowed fall to their natural level. President Bush our first Harvard MBA President should have been bagging groceries.

Brian and NBC I’m sure have even more fact checkers than Rep Ryan so they must also be racist I’m just a lowly cheeto eating  blogger I can’t out fact check NBC all by myself :).

The racists have to lie to make their case belief first then  they invent reasons to justify their belief later on Rep Ryan, Charles Murray, Brian Williams, NBC.  I thought Harvard would have taught its students the scientific method? I would have thought NBC and Brian would have fact checkers who as Reagan said “ Trust but Verify”.  I would have thought Rep Ryan…to be fair I have a very low opinion of the man.



Education Spending sometimes at 10 to 1 but Rep Ryan blames Inner City Culture fine lead by example send your own kids and/or grandkids? to under funded  inner city schools and lets see how well they do. Until then shut up you are  only embarrassing yourself trying to fact check your claims is like cutting an onion there is always a new layer of mistakes the further I dig the knife the longer this article gets.




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