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The Weekend Roundup for February 14-15th, 2015

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Awesome, we’re back online! In case you want the Roundup for the days we were down, I collected as much as I could for a special Roundup that can be found here.

May Laurie Becklund and David Carr rest in peace.

International Politics


– Two people were killed in Copenhagen by a Danish citizen. Authorities later found and fatally shot the gunman.

 Jacobin Magazine sits down with Noam Chomsky to discuss different issues throughout the world, like the Islamic State, and the future of the world

– Over at The Intercept, they speak with Fahim Ahmad, who was arrested in 2006 for plotting to kill lawmakers and blow up power stations. Ahmad describes what made him become a radical.

– The UN Security Council passed a resolution calling for the Yemeni government to give up control or they’ll, uh, well, do something.

Middle East

– Juan Cole: “‘American Terrorist’: Middle East reacts to murder of three Muslim-American Students in North Carolina

– Indeed, at least 1,000 demonstrated in Qatar against the attack that took place in Chapel Hill

– Tony Blair: There will be more conflict in Gaza should conditions not improve

– It cannot be denied, as a result of ISIS, relations between the Kurds and the Iraqi government have improved in recent years


– Twenty-one Egyptians, all Coptic Christians, were beheaded by ISIS in Libya. Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi pledged to “respond in any way.”


– Economist Michael Hudson joins The Real News to discuss the role finance is playing in reducing regulations in Ukraine to allow more capital to flow in

Part one and two with sociologist Volodymyr Ishchenko on the future of Ukraine after the ceasefire and problems that remain

– In Germany, Alternative for Germany, a political party opposed to the euro, gained seats in German parliament, while German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s party lost in their worst defeat since the end of World War II.

Latin America, Caribbean and Canada

– While Peru claims to be tough on illegal mining in the country, there still does not appear to be any solution to help communities still affected by mining

– As Argentina continues to deal with the aftermath of Alberto Nisman’s death, U.S. lawmakers and mainstream journalists are using it for their own advantage

Surveillance Planet

– Intelligence agencies are interested in potential technology manipulating the climate; It sounds like a plan by Cobra Commander from G.I. Joe

Financial Matters

– The New York Times tries to criticize Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis but fails in doing so

– Smuggling illicit goods into Iran is now a multi-billion dollar business in Iran as a result of Western sanctions

– While Japan escaped from a recession, the country did not experience any growth in the past year.

– Foreign direct investment in China in the past month grew at its highest in the past four years

Labor’s a-Brewing

– I rarely post titles as is anymore, but journalist Michelle Chen raises an interesting question for labor overseas: “How Do You Organize Workers Who Live and Sleep in Their Bosses’ Homes?

Politics US

Washington USA

Part one of three with Jill Stein, former presidential candidate for the Green Party, on her background and how she first entered into politics

– If Congress cannot agree on passing a budget bill for the Department of Homeland Security, then it may mean another government shutdown; Hooray!

– Sam Sacks: “The Fog of War Authorizations

– Net neutrality is vital for the Black Lives Matter movement in going forward as evident in the use of social media for example

– Very disturbing to hear U.S. authorities are arresting and detaining mothers and children emigrating to the U.S.

– Ali Abunimah: “Obama’s tepid, belated condemnation of Chapel Hill murders does little to ease fears

– Sam Knight: “House Passes Grover Norquist-supported tax bill that adds $77 billion to deficit

Anytown USA

– Part one of two with Dr. Ray Winbush on reparations for blacks and and the early racial history of the United States. Part two focuses on the exact reparations suggested and recent efforts in doing so.

– The topic of reparations could be in a different issue in Chicago where citizens are requesting justice after being tortured by officers in jails

– In Houston, Texas, a school for Muslims was firebombed in what authorities say was deliberate.

– In the same way black lives matter in the U.S., so do Muslim lives considering the role they play as the “other” in society

– After Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber was caught covering-up corruption involving his fiancee, the Democratic governor decided to resign from office.

– On March 5, Texas will execute Rodney Reed for killing a 19-year-old. It turns out, however, Reed may have not committed the crime.

Health, Hunger and Homelessness

– Silk Road, arguably, could be considered an outlet where selling drugs was much safer than other methods

Planet Earth

– New research found a vast amount of carbon dioxide released assisted in ending the ice age

– Activist Jenny Marienau talks to The Real News on Global Divestment Day, which happened over the weekend, and the importance of separating from fossil fuels in general.

– More is written here on Global Divestment Day with an example in Canada where activists are demanding institutions immediately divest

– Looks like Arctic ice is melting. What do major nations think of this? New routes to transport ships relying on fossil fuels!

– Rep. Alan Grayson (D-FL): “Did the GOP Just Give Away $130 Billion of Public Property?

– Deforestation may ruin the forests in Zimbabwe all because a couple of companies wanted to profit at the end of the day

Mixed Bag

– Tom Brokaw, the predecessor of Brian Williams on NBC Nightly News, previously warned Williams’ story was not true.

– Chris Hedges: “‘Pornography Is What the End of the World Looks Like’

– Liberalism, while appealing at first, ends up as a belief full of contradictions by cherry-picking what it wants to support and oppose

Break Time

Who’ll Pay Reparations [Gil Scott-Heron]

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