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Video: Arming Ukraine Debate- Establishment General vs Dissenting Professor

This is why they avoid debate at all costs. The professor does an excellent job of forwarding the concept that it is the wrong strategy to arm coup leaders like we did in Vietnam. The stakes could not be higher. In an effort to save Europe from eternal/internal conflict Germany and France have deviated from the US attempts to increase/accelerate the conflict.

If this turns out to be another Syria where the never-ending advocacy for military solutions is defeated then it is a huge victory for the concept of peace. The resolution of the manufactured Ukraine crisis will be the best harbinger we have for whether or not they will be forced to accept a peaceful resolution on Iran, the most likely flashpoint for world war as both China and Russia have stated an unprovoked attack on Iran would be considered an attack on themselves.

In the video the professor is quite persuasive and the General gets called out for being on MIC contractors payroll. It’s a good debate we need to demand more of it. This is what changes minds