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Jungle Primaries Versus the Electoral College

Jungle Primaries Versus the Electoral College

When it comes to our national  electioneering, I become dismayed with the “minor” political parties such as the Justice and Green Parties, or for what I have, in the past, labeled as the “fringers” and yet, my dismay is more in the notion that these minor political parties have no salient ideas that could gain considerable political traction all across America, and starting with a presidential contest and where the Jungle Primary would determine the Party’s nominees for both the President and Vice President.

To wit, each state would conduct a primary in which each registered party would determine their respective ‘candidates’ and when all the votes are compiled, each party would have determined their respective top two  candidates.  Take, for example, the Democrats would have no need for national debates, but state debates would be most welcomed.  Thus, in the primary or Jungle election, the top two vote getters would move on to the next state primary, and when all fifty states have properly counted the totality of these votes, only then, would the final determination be achieved as to who would represent the Party in the General Election.  And in the totality of all the votes cast in the General Election, the results would be concretized, and thusly, there would be no “need” for any Electoral College tabulation.

Therefore, the voters and who are comfortable with adhering to the label of independent, would have to create and maintain an Independent Party, and which would give greater voice for and behalf of their political views and despite any intentional “marginalization” delivered by the two legacy parties.  And of course, having a candidates that are Independent, expands any national effort to create a “better” Democracy. 

Notwithstanding the lack of certitude among the “minor” parties, such as the Justice Party in a state Jungle Primary, the Justice Party would achieve a sterling ballot status in the General Election.  Consequently, the ‘minor’ parties would not have to undergo any intentional dis-enfrahchisement delivered by their political opposition and obviously, having been done quite blatantly, in the past.




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